A crowd of spectators gathers around a table during the seventh World Series of Poker held at Binion's Horseshoe in1976. Doyle Brunson ultimately walked away the champion, earning him the top prize of $220,000 and the first of his 10 World Series bracelets | Source: Las Vegas Sun

Rare Casino Chips: The Most Valuable Poker Sets Ever

The world of Poker is a fascinating affair – high stakes tournaments, famous players and plenty of cash on the line. You might picture Daniel Craig’s James Bond in Casino Royal casually laying a $150 million bet. Although a huge part of the poker world is now online according to Grand View Research, the online gambling market is expected to reach A$175.20 billion by 2027 – there’s something compelling about experiencing the game first-hand.

While the family card game has humble beginnings as a popular pastime in the home, the most expensive poker sets in the world are a high-end market. Here’s a look at the most valuable poker sets.

Geoffrey Parker Alligator Poker Set

The London based luxury games maker, Geoffrey Parker reportedly created the world’s most expensive poker set worth over A$10.3 million. The stunning piece of art is made from 18 carat white gold and diamond-encrusted poker chips adorned with 22,364 precious stones. The sapphires, rubies, black and white diamonds and emerald chips are housed in an alligator hide case fastened with a white gold lock and diamond decorations. Besides, the lavish poker chips are four packs of platinum playing cards completing the extravagant poker set.

The Stahl Meteorite Poker Set

This one-off masterpiece poker set by Swedish brand Stahl comes from a 13.7 kg meteorite that landed from outer space approximately 800,000 years ago. The unique piece features 120 chips, five ivory dice made from Mammoth tusk, and two high-quality sets of playing cards. The box is made in 18-carats white gold, adorned with precious gems and lined with reindeer calfskin. The luxury poker set is worth over A$206,000.

Lancelot Lancaster White Buckingham Poker Box

Designed by renowned British craftsmen, the Lancelot Lancaster White poker box is reportedly worth over A$38,500. The quality wooden box is handcrafted featuring gilded metal handles and a maker’s plate to conceal the key. Inside there are 500 ‘Abbiati’ poker chips slotted into velvet padded pockets, two leather-bound decks of cards, and a base metal dealer’s disc and evaluator.

Cartier Mother of Pearl Poker Set

Cartier only created five examples of this hand-carved sycamore wood and mother of pearl marquetry poker set. Each is worth just over A$169,000 featuring a gemstone covered case and lined with Alcantara. Inside you’ll find the finest silver poker chips in five different colours: red, blue, green, black, and white, a sterling silver dealer chip and silver edged playing cards.

Asprey Poker Set

The British luxury goods manufacturer, Asprey, produces high-end jewellery, leather goods and silverware. Its finely crafted poker set is covered in thick leather and features palladium locks. Inside the set contains 50 ceramic chips, two decks of cards and a palladium finish dealer chip. Each of these opulent poker sets sells for A$10,160

Cartier 1980s Poker Set

This rare collectable piece was created by Cartier in Italy in the 1980s. Fashioned in a burgundy leather case with golden metal logo closure and corners, the set contains plastic poker chips. With a ‘Must de Cartier’ metal plate on the inside its original price was over A$10,300.

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