Record-Breaking Real Estate: For Luxury Agent Josh Morrissey Property Was Always The Plan

Luxury Real Estate Agent Josh Morrissey is Director of Hive Property | Source: Hive Property

Always keep it real… We’re in the people business first.

For high-end agent Josh Morrissey the business of luxury property is in fact the business of people pleasing. And it starts with authenticity.

I believe in staying authentic to your core values no matter the size of the transaction.

While staying true to your values can be a challenge in the high profile property game, for the Hive Property Canberra Director it’s what keeps him in touch with buyers.

Hive Property Director Josh Morrissey
Hive Property Director Josh Morrissey | Source: Supplied by Hive Property

Charismatic and ambitious, Morrissey isn’t one to be afraid of pushing the boundaries in a traditionally cautious market. A testament to his work ethic, the luxury agent broke seven suburb records across Canberra in just one year saying it cemented his diligent skills and mindset.

That really solidified my momentum… They didn’t change my career they just solidified my skillset in the market. 

It’s this unwavering drive and determination to explore the unknown that steered Morrissey to a gap in the luxury market – ultimately building the Hive Property brand and the culture to fill it. 

Hive Property Canberra team
Hive Property Canberra team | Source: Hive Property website

Taking his unconventional philosophy and proven experience, Morrissey curated the Hive Property team that follows his commitment to a professional yet personal service that is ultimately always striving for the best results.

It helps that property was always the plan for the real estate record-breaker. When the lifestyle, the high work ethic and the passion were there, Morrissey knew he could thrive in the luxury real estate industry.

The life plan has always involved property, whether it was building it, selling it or buying it. I understood very early that real estate would be the conduit to the lifestyle that fulfils me.

Luxury property agent Josh Morrissey
Josh Morrissey at a luxury listing | Source: Supplied by Hive Property

Living a lifestyle that reflects the market he operates in is certainly advantageous to Morrissey when connecting with his clientele. Pair this with his personable demeanour and tapping into what buyers want is “simple… just ask the questions.”

On top of being a dedicated Director buying and selling property in his own lifestyle space, he has a development company that caters to the luxury market. It gives him the unique ability to see clients’ projects all the way to fruition.

Josh Morrissey at a luxury listing | Source: Supplied by Hive Property

True to Morrissey’s positive outlook, there’s no slowing down for the high-profile agent and his agency with future growth plans already underway.

We’ve just purchased a large building area that we operate in and we plan to expand the team once we complete the renovations, growing the team from 20 to 30 plus. We also plan to have 1000 doors under management.




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