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Reformer Pilates: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Fitness Craze

While the reformer pilates craze seems relatively new, the reformer machine was actually designed back in the 1920s by the founding father of the fitness form, Joseph Pilates.

Originally designed as a way to strengthen an individual for pilates on the mat, reformer pilates has recently been recognised as a great way to stretch and tone through gentle and controlled lateral movements. Reformer pilates is also a low-impact alternative form of exercise making it ideal for rehabilitation, particularly for those with knee injuries.

What’s the difference between pilates and reformer pilates?

In terms of the differences between pilates and reformer pilates, apart from the obvious difference being the reformer machine, reformer pilates is generally more dynamic than mat-based pilates. With added resistance from the straps and pulleys, reformer pilates allows you to target specific muscle groups making for a more intense workout.

With reformer pilates gaining popularity, chances are there’s a dedicated reformer pilates studio near you. However, if you want to do reformer pilates from the comfort of your own home and in your own time, it’s worth considering buying your own reformer machine.

The reformer machine

If you’ve ever seen a pilates reformer machine, then you know it looks quite intimidating. Resembling more of a medieval device than a versatile exercise machine, the pilates reformer is composed of a platform that slides on a timber frame, as well as straps and pulleys. While this can make reformer pilates seem daunting, the machine is designed so that you exercise using just your body weight. There are also other attachments you can incorporate into a reformer machine, including ‘towers’ which extend the machine vertically.

If you’re looking for a reformer with all the essentials, consider Vitality 4 Life’s Foldable Pro Pilates Reformer with an in-built footbar, ‘cardio rebounder’ (the small trampoline attachment) and fold-away design for easy storage. If you fall into the more advanced category in reformer pilates, consider the Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze to really test your flexibility and strength.

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