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Rich People’s Problems: Cutting the Cost of Diamond Manicures

If you’re a regular at your nail salon, you’ll know how costly a regular manicure or acrylic nail regime can be. But when it comes to celebrity nails and high-end luxury salons – a simple manicure might cost more than you think.

Kelly Osbourne’s Azature Manicure

Back in 2012, Kelly Osbourne hit the red carpet of the Emmy’s wearing a quarter of a million dollars. But rather than the high-price item being a couture gown or a luxury piece of jewellery, she wore Azature’s around A$337,000 real black diamond nail polish on her fingertips.

So, technically she was wearing less than a quarter of a million US dollars seeing as she didn’t use the whole bottle, but Kelly Osbourne still wore the most expensive nail polish in the world. Containing 267 carats worth of black diamonds, the nail polish continues to cause some head-scratching confusion.

Gold Rush Couture by Models Own

Coming in at second place for most expensive nail polish in the world is Models Own’s Gold Rush Couture. With a hefty price tag of approximately A$175,000, you might be fooled into thinking there’s some real gold in this. Well, you’d be mistaken seeing as the packaging is what makes this otherwise average nail polish so expensive. Encrusted with over a thousand diamonds, the Gold Rush Couture polish definitely made headlines upon its release back in 2011.

Cardi B’s Nails by Jenny Bui

Known for her long and blinged-out acrylic nails, Cardi B gets her manicures done exclusively by high-profile celebrity nail artist, Jenny Bui in New York. Despite not knowing the exact cost of Cardi B’s nails, it’s safe to assume her signature talons are far from cheap. As part of her look for the 2018 Grammys, the singer-rapper wore nails with ‘the most expensive Swarovski crystals’ Jenny Bui could find, she told Billboard. According to NYC Go, a set of acrylic nails by Bui can cost up to A$400, but supposedly last for up to four weeks thanks to the specific nail glue she uses.

Harrods Hair and Beauty Salon

Offering manicures at approximately A$350 a pop, Harrods’ new beauty salon, Townhouse is the height of luxury when it comes to wellness. Using Chantecaille skincare products as well as vegan nail products, Townhouse’s ‘The Manicure’ is sure to give your hands and nails a full refresh.

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