Ring Concierge offers bespoke engagement rings from around A$13,600 | Source: Ring Concierge Facebook

Ring Concierge: The Jewellery Company By Women For Women

Since the advent of the heavily marketed diamond engagement ring by De Beers, the diamond industry has remained male-dominated. Historically, jewellery manufacturers and designers have been headed by large families with key male figures- until now. With more and more women breaking into the diamond jewellery space, consumers can now buy diamond jewellery made by women for women. One such brand that is climbing the diamond-studded ranks is Ring Concierge.

Launched in 2013, Ring Concierge is a New York City-based luxury jewellery company that offers bespoke engagement rings and fine jewellery, largely online. By strategically using social media and blurring the line between retailer and influencer, founder Nicole Wegman has created a successful luxury jewellery e-commerce business.

The brand’s engagement rings start at $10,000 and go well into the six figures.

In an interview, Nicole Wegman said social media, in particular Instagram, is the company’s greatest tool.

We’ve sold rings start to finish through DMs or through text. And we’ve had clients come through with well into the six-figure budgets that find us on Instagram and decide to work with us purchasing their engagement ring.

Bespoke Bridal

Long gone are the days of your future husband proposing with the ring of his great-great-great-grandmother – a fact that Ring Concierge recognises with its jewellery concierge service. Through an initial consultation that can be conducted via photos and videos for long-distance clients, Ring Concierge offers custom design options and curated high-quality diamonds. After selecting your dream ring, settings are handcrafted by master bench-jewellers in New York City.


In recognising that diamond rings aren’t financially accessible for everyone, Ring Concierge launched a diffusion line called VOW. Through its VOW range, consumers can try more affordable rings around the A$4,000 to A$13,000 range before they buy. Offering a Home Try-On Program that allows you to try on samples from their collection, brides-to-be can find their perfect ring and then return their kit back to Ring Concierge for a store credit.

Fine Jewellery

Of course, if wedding bells aren’t ringing you can still shop from Ring Concierge’s Fine Jewellery range. Specialising in stylish minimalist pieces, Ring Concierge has a range of pieces perfect for everyday wear. We can’t get enough of this Classic Tennis Bracelet or Ring Concierge’s best-selling Inlay Diamond Huggies.

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