Life’s a circus, but don’t be a clown | Source: Pinterest

Roll Up, Roll Up! Carnivalcore is Here

Just when it seemed Japandi was set to continue dominating our interiors, there’s a new aesthetic making waves: Carnivalcore.

It’s a close relative to maximalism, but what defines carnivalcore is its distinct playful, creative and nostalgic point of view. While at first glance it may appear chaotic, carnivalcore is highly considered yet ever-so-slightly tacky. Think funhouse style mirrors, disco balls, Harlequin prints and loud clashing patterns.

Clashing prints and colours are a key element of Carnivalcore | Source: Pinterest

With a tented poker room, ball pit, trampolines (yes, plural) and a costume room, the Los Angeles home of Cara Delevigne is a tribute to the playful, and a prime example of Carnivalcore done right.

According to Nicolò Bini, the architectural genius behind this space, the design he and Delevigne went with “has to do with nostalgia and bringing aspects of childhood, fantasy, innocence, and playfulness into our homes, which are now becoming real sanctuaries.”

Carnivalcore is all about bringing in silly and throwing out serious. So if you’re feeling inspired by this playful aesthetic, lean into bold bright colour clashes, checkerboards, stripes, and harlequin prints. Opt for gaudy florals over subtle trump l’oeils, and disco balls over minimalist decor.

Most importantly, let your inner clown take charge and, well, don’t be afraid to clown around with the design.

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Azure Circular Acrylic Side Tables, Sheer by Carnevale Studio A$1140.00 | Source: 1st Dibs
Gaetano Pesce Round Mirror A$255.00 | Source: Gaetano Pesce
Sculptural Tube Sofa, Anna & Carlo Bartoli for Rossi di Albizzate, Italy 1990s A$9,805.00 | Source: 1st Dibs
Emerald Single Candelabra A$35.00 | Source: Oh Its Perfect
Eksentra Coffee Table A$2,800 | Source: Qocki Koqi
Marshmallow Stool A$650.00 | Source: Qocki Koqi
Ultrafragola Mirror Replica A$2,100.00 | Source: Qocki Koqi

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