Rolls-Royce’s Digital Head Named Top-100 BAME Tech Leader

“When I think back to how I felt when I first entered the world of tech, I felt completely lost.”

Mid-November marks the moment Rolls-Royce’s Manisha Mistry was internationally recognised for her innovative efforts in the global tech sector.

Manisha is one of the recipients of a spot in the 2019 top 100 most influential black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) leaders in the tech sector. The award is produced by board appointments firm Inclusive Boards in partnership with the Financial Times.

The Rolls-Royce Head of Digital Culture landed her spot on the prestigious list for her work in the luxury car designer’s innovation catalyst, R2 Data Labs. Manisha shares the spotlight with the most influential leaders from the likes of Microsoft, Google, Monzo, and DeepMind.

“This award shows that you don’t have to come from a technical background and know all the ins and outs of tech, in order to make a real difference,” Manisha explained.

“When I think back to how I felt when I first entered the world of tech, I felt completely lost. Winning an award like this serves to remind me that I’m not and a lot of my job is about giving people that same sense of psychological safety.”

Manisha’s team acts as the catalyst for managing the mindset and culture across Rolls-Royce, which services customers in over 150 countries.

R2 Data Labs launched in late 2017 with the intent of integrating the wonders of modern tech and artificial intelligence with Rolls-Royce’s exquisite design process.

While Rolls-Royce is perhaps most renowned for its luxury motorcars, the company has designed and engineered revolutionary products in the aerospace, defence, marine, and even energy sectors.

This means the effects of Manisha’s impact on the company through its Digital Academy can be felt quite literally all around the world.

Elizabeth Oni-lyiola, the Development Director at Inclusive boards, described Manisha as a groundbreaker, changemaker, and role model within the tech industry.

“Technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK and beyond. It’s crucial that as these sectors expand so too does the level of representation within them.”

Elizabeth said she is proud to include Manisha in the top 100 list.

The Group Director of R2 Data Labs, Caroline Gorski, was also proud to tout her appreciation of Manisha’s effort, going as far as to call Manisha “integral” to the success of the business.

“More than 20,000 employees will have been touched by Manisha’s drive and passion this year through the Digital Academy.”

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