Santoni Pizzeria: They Got it From Their Nonna

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Ti penso ogni giorno. I think about you every day. If you’ve been to Santoni, you will see this text written on their wall, and you’ll probably nod in agreement while munching on that San Daniele pizza. Anyone who says that money can’t buy happiness has never spent their money eating in Santoni.

Hawthorn locals in Melbourne have been enjoying this institution since it opened in 2007, back when they had a one-level modern Italian restaurant. They have expanded since, including a third-floor terrace overlooking the iconic Glenferrie Road, not to mention towering church spires.

Photo: Santoni Pizzeria

The inspiration for owners Peter Koutroulis and sons, Michael and Anthony, is no doubt 1960s Italy, as seen in the decor of the first-floor restaurant. A Ciao Bella neon sign will be greeting you, and then you’ll cozy up right away to the warmth of the exposed brick walls. Not to mention a fireplace when the weather demands it. Perhaps this is why Koutroulis and sons are inspired and wanting to make their nonna proud. “I got it from my Nonna” is a cheeky but sweet message that you can read on their coasters.

Photo: Santoni Pizzeria

Too much pizza? Never.

There’s always something special with a no-frills menu. Keeping your options small, but special. The menu includes a mozzarella bar, five types of pasta to choose from, a couple of sharing plates, five kinds of side dishes or contorni, 6 desserts, and a whole page dedicated to 21 pizzas.

Photo: Santoni Pizzeria

Try one of their best sellers, the Prosciutto Tartufo (Truffle cream, mozzarella, mixed mushrooms, prosciutto, rocket, parmesan & truffle oil) or the Margherita di Buffala (San Marzano tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil & olive oil). You can even have the pizza gluten-free.

Photo: Santoni Pizzeria

And you know this is a good place to hang, especially during the summer days because of their rooftop terrace, plus a bar menu with 11 pages. Yes, 11 pages of drinks and one page sans alcohol. It’s definitely worth throwing a party there, ain’t it? Since they also accept functions! Take your pizza party to the next level and throw it at Santoni’s. The great atmosphere, good food, and exceptional service are going to make you want to throw parties and get-togethers more often.

Photo: Santoni Pizzeria

Pizza for breakfast

No kidding. They also offer breakfast and not just any kind. Imagine indulging yourself at 8 in the morning with their AM pizza, served with bacon or veggies. Or you could have an avocado with cucumber tomato salad, brick pastry-wrapped king prawn, Meredith goats’ cheese, pistachio dukkah and sourdough. If you’re a stickler for the usual, they have muesli served with little raspberry jelly and lemon balm. A cold brew coffee supplied by Code Black or a Pressed Juice to top it all off. And you’re ready to start your day. Or end it here, the choice is yours.

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