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Sasayuri-Ann: A Spiritual Retreat in The Japanese Countryside

If the last two years of lockdowns, travel restrictions and pandemic-induced anxiety have left you feeling a little exhausted then you might be leaning towards a quieter and more spiritual style holiday for your next overseas trip. If this sounds like you then let us introduce you to the luxurious retreat known as Sasayuri-Ann.

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Set amongst the sloping rice terraces and mountains of the rural Nara Prefecture in Japan, Sasayuri-Ann is a private Japanese villa overseen by a traditional Shugendo monk. The villa takes up residence in a renovated traditional Japanese thatched-roof mountain house that’s over 200 years old. Combining the home’s authentic Japanese features with plenty of modern comforts has resulted in a serene haven and escape from the outside world.

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With space for up to ten guests, you are able to stay as a group and experience the peace and serenity that the farmhouse offers, together. Many guests travel to Sasayuri-Ann with the intention of developing their mindfulness practice and learning the Japanese art of Zazen, a meditation practice with the aim of relaxing in peaceful surroundings.

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Being set in the birthplace of the Japanese ninja, guests of Sasayuri-Ann are given the experience to watch an authentic ninja demonstration in full cultural costume. But if food is more your thing then you might enjoy the live Japanese food presentations by a Michelin star chef, or partake in the host of other wellness and cultural activities on offer.

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Whether you choose to join a guided hike to the nearby waterfalls and participate in Shegundo water rituals, try your hand at an Ikebana flower arranging, learn about the art of the Japanese tea ceremony or take to the skies in a helicopter pilgrimage to some of Japan’s most breathtaking World Heritage Sites, Sasayuri-Ann provides guests with some of the best experiences that experiential luxury travel has to offer.

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Sayuri-Ann prices start from AU$1400 per night.

If you can’t make it to Japan just yet then you can still read about the Japanese zen gardens, knives and Ryokans you can experience from home.

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