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Scoot Over: The Motorcycle Brands to Watch Right Now

Faster performance machines, two-wheelers with the latest technology and energy-saving electric bikes – the future of the motorcycle market is an exciting one. Driven by popular contenders such as Kawasaki and icons like Triumph, they now find themselves competing with electric pioneers such as Tarform and Sondors.

If you’re in the market for a motorcycle there’s much to look forward to. These are the best motorcycle brands making noise in the market right now.


The Japanese motorcycle brand has been a long-standing market leader ever since its first release in the 1960s. The company is forever at the forefront of innovation, combining its extensive history and knowledge with cutting edge technology. 2021 is no different for the top motorcycle brand, with its latest releases stirring up interest with industry experts and seasoned bikers alike.

Although Kawasaki has deep roots in dirt bikes, its racing selections are just as highly anticipated. The latest in its record-breaking Ninja series – the 2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, pushes the limits of bringing a racing superbike to the streets.

The Kawasaki Racing Team continues to unleash their success on the racetrack upon the riders of the road. The all new aerodynamic body pairs with the 998cc four-cylinder engine to propel the bike to what Kawasaki describes as “mind-bending top speed.”

Kawasakis racing-spec road bikes aren’t the only reason we’ve got a keen eye on this brand in 2021. Its release of the all-new 2021 KLX300 Dual-Sport provides a very good excuse for off-road riders to get excited. The ultimate on-and-off-road motorbike, easily tackles paved streets and back roads as well as wooded trails and rough terrain. A new engine, off-road tires and upgraded suspension ensures unmatched rider comfort whilst navigating city traffic or traversing wooded trail.


“Introducing the motorcycle of the future.” Tarform’s brand ethos already sets it apart from other motorbike companies. The modern Brooklyn-based manufacturer creates machines powered by clean technology to empower and enhance safety and designed to last. Essentially it builds the best bespoke electric bikes using cutting-edge sustainable technology and environmentally friendly production techniques.

2021 is an exciting year for the company with two electric bikes on the market – the re-released Luna and the upgraded Cafe Racer model. Tarform’s original Luna gets a new launch and the Racer, based on the foundational Luna model, comes with a few upgrades.

The electric bikes are sleek, stylish and brimming with tech features. A 3.4″ HD display with Bluetooth blindspot detection communicates with the rider via haptic feedback. A 180 degree rearview camera, regenerative braking system and keyless proximity ignition, round off the bikes modern amenities.

The best motorcycle adapts to the future – the battery pack is upgradable, the bodywork can change as styles evolve and the software always provides the latest smart ride. The nature-inspired aesthetics include components made from flax fibres, recycled aluminium, and biodegradable leather.

The bikes also boast decent stats – a top speed of 145 kph and 0-100 kph in 3.8 seconds. Preorders are now available with deliveries commencing in 2021 and prices starting from just under A$32,500.


This is the innovative brand to watch for the next couple of years. The electric bicycle manufacturer is expanding into the motorbike world. The established company already has 100,000 in bicycle sales under its belt, so tackling the automobile market shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Sondors upcoming Metacycle, set to launch in 2022, is a statement against the high prices of other electric motorbikes. It’s releasing for A$6,764 – a far cry short of most others motorbikes on the market. The stylish bike is undeniably futuristic – a boxy feel with lots of angles covered in a shiny metallic exterior.

Set to be a thoroughly urban-use bike, the relatively small 10hp motor will still get the bike travelling up to a claimed 128kph and reaching a range of up to 128km. The 4 kW/h battery takes four hours to charge although a proposed level 2 charger will bring that time down. The aluminium upper frame also features a compartment to wirelessly charge a smartphone. Keep your eyes peeled for this beauties release.


With time comes wisdom and with age comes experience. One of the oldest motorbike manufacturers in the world, Triumph is proving it’s still one of the best motorcycle brands today. On the back of last years successful rollout of some big-deal bikes, its lineup this year is even more intriguing.

There’s much for all Triumph fans to rejoice about. The 2021 Rocket 3 GT model will have performance riders on the edge of their seats and triumphs classic fanbase will be all over the modern 2021 Triumph Street Twin.

A horsepower increase by 11 per cent on previous models makes what Triumph claims to be the “largest engine capacity ever seen on any production motorcycle.” The muscle cross comfort cruiser is still the high-powered machine with the same ‘fling you off the back of the bike’ torque of its predecessors. While the Rocket 3 R’s formula remains the bike features more swept-back handlebars, a backrest for the passengers and a weight saving of 40kg.

A Triumph classic gets a new modern upgrade in the form of the 2021 Triumph Street Twin. The first of the Modern Classics line is all based on the famous Bonneville platform. The handsome bike keeps the same timeless style as the older versions but is built for the street. Agile and thrilling, high quality-components and neat specifications are everywhere.

The 900cc twin engine produces 65 hp that isn’t neck-breaking but still whizzes around a city well. The power is kept safely under control using new Ride-by-Wire technology, switchable traction control, ABS and a torque-assist clutch. The modern features certainly weren’t on the 1959 original.

With over 140 accessories available, the Street Twin also offers unrivalled customisation options to make every bike unique.

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