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Branka Narancic

Branka Narancic


Sculptural Candles you’ll Never Want to Burn

Candles are a great way to add ambience to any room—especially when that candle smells like burnt sugar. We’re not talking about ordinary candles here, there is a new candle in town – and, it has everyone obsessed.

The sculptural candle has been steadily gaining popularity for a few years now, although the trend has more recently exploded on Instagram as people spend more time indoors, either appreciating their indoor spaces or working to improve the way they feel at home with new aesthetic purchases.

Sculptural candles are different from regular candles in a couple of ways. For starters, they’re most often unscented, which means they’re purely for looks. And second, they’re seldom burnt for how stunning they appear in a home. Not to mention the fact they’re often sold at a higher price point. They are considered art, after all.

Andrej Urem

Brooklyn-based Croatian poet, sculptor, graphic and designer Andrej Urem has created cubic candles that we never want to light. But at the same time, we’re eager to see them transform from their strict structures into molten, organic forms. He carves the first models himself, then uses 3D technology for additional sculpting and printing the moulds. And due to their symmetrical nature, Urem’s candles have another distinct feature: they’re stackable.

Tony Assness

These beautiful candles designed by Tony Assness come in a butter beige wax that is sourced in Australia. All candles are hand poured in Bondi, Australia. Burn time is approximately 1 hour per cm depending on the thickness of the candle.

XRJ Celebrations

In 2020, Roxy Jacenko launched a new business with her long-time friend, Ingham’s Chicken heiress Jessica Ingham. The entrepreneurial pair created an event brand called XRJ Celebrations, which creates unique table settings and centrepieces for parties. As part of the collection, the pair have released a series of candles, perfect for any dinner party or the home.

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