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Self Care as a Pair: The Latest in the Wellness Trend

According to Google Trends the number of online searches for “self care” has quadrupled over the last five years, with its peak coinciding with the onset of the pandemic (surprise, surprise). Meditating, saying no to plans, and treating ourselves have become pillars of our modern life, and as a result the concept of self-care no longer feels disruptive.

However, there is a new way to practise self-care that aims to shake up the status quo by combining wellness with socialising. Say hello to self-care socialising.

Remedy Place in West Hollywood, California, is the very first social wellness club in the world. According to their website, the space prides itself on offering a solution to life’s daily stresses like lingering ailments and mental burnout through holistic healing.

But what sets apart their approach to healing, is the central theme that being surrounded by your friends and family will improve the journey.

Unlike spas, which promote a disconnect from the world around you, human interaction and reconnection is central to the unique Remedy Place experience.

As the world’s first Social Wellness Club, we believe that healing is enhanced when you have your friends, family, and loved ones at your side.


This means there is no need to compromise looking after your wellbeing, and seeing your mates. And if you can’t find a friend (or two) to join you, you’ll be surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals.

With an abundance of wellness offerings, including breathwork classes, sound baths, acupuncture and cupping, vitamin IVs, cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen chambers, there is something for everyone.

For now, Remedy Place only has one outpost in West Hollywood, but New York and Venice locations are scheduled to open later this year.

If you can’t make it to these destinations, why not incorporate the philosophy into your daily life? Instead of making plans to catch up with your girlfriends over cheese and wine this weekend, why not opt for a massage or acupuncture session instead?

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