Fenn spa interiors in Sydney

A taste of the luxurious interiors that await at Fenn Beauty | Source: Yellow Trace

Self-Care in Sydney: Where to Find the Best Facials

Self-care might not be the answer to all of life’s problems- but it definitely can’t hurt. The wellness trend has been sweeping social media for the best part of two years when it was decided we needed to take our mental and physical wellbeing more seriously.

If you’re looking to partake in the trend or simply treat yourself to a long-overdue pamper session, a professional facial might be in order. We’ve compiled a list of eight luxurious beauty salons in Sydney that offer a range of facials, from triple cleanses to heart chakra massages and all the way to enzymatic exfoliations.

The Facial Room, Bondi Beach

Led by the renowned Fabienne Rich, the Facial Room in Bondi Beach are specialists in everything skincare. They deliver customised treatments that are tailored to each client’s skincare needs. Whether you struggle with oily, dry or combination skin, The Facial Room draws on well-researched and effective cosmeceutical products to address your skin concerns.

The clinic, which has been operating since 2009, is positioned within the hustle and bustle of Bondi Beach, so you can enjoy iconic coastal views before and after your facial.

The Fabienne Rich Radiance Facial is not to be missed and includes a triple cleanse, antibacterial steam and application of the Fabienne Rich Oxygen Mask. The result is smooth, silky and oxygenated skin, complemented by a hot towel hand and foot massage. This 75-minute facial is priced at A$180.

The Facial Room at Bondi Beach
The Facial Room at Bondi Beach | Source: The Facial Room

Beauty on Park Street, Barangaroo

Positioned in the heart of Sydney, Beauty on Park Street are specialists in facial, deep tissue and remedial massages.

The Organic Radiance Facial is one to book when visiting the salon. With its roots in organic serums and substances hailing from Budapest, this facial employs active ingredients sans harmful additives.

The Organic Radiance Facial involves a double-mask, enzymatic exfoliation and a face, neck and shoulder massage to ensure maximum relaxation.

This facial is currently priced at A$159 with the treatment lasting 60 minutes.

A taste of the minimalist interiors at Beauty on Park Street
A taste of the minimalist interiors at Beauty on Park Street | @beautyonparkstreet on Instagram

The Day Spa by Chuan, Millers Point

The decor and interiors of The Day Spa by Chaun will draw you in and the extensive list of relaxation treatments and facials will mean you never want to leave. The wellness sanctuary is situated underground at The Langham Sydney and features a dark colour palette, chic interiors and luxurious finishes.

The treatments are guided by a ‘Five Elements Theory’ to direct you to your most suitable treatment. Featuring detoxifying facials and bespoke treatments, The Day Spa by Chuan offers an extensive cosmetic treatment list.

For anyone interested in anti-aging-driven facials and techniques, look out for the Barbor Sea Creation facial. This uses active ingredients from the ocean, combined with the expert ‘Barbor Skin Method’, a research-driven beauty treatment that pioneered tailor-made skincare in Germany. The result is firmer, more radiant and healthier-looking skin that will have you looking like a more youthful version of yourself than before.

The Barbor Sea Creation Facial is priced at A$450 Monday through to Thursday and A$470 from Friday to Sunday.

The Day Spa by Chuan
The exotic interiors at The Day Spa by Chuan | Source: Trip Advisor

Fenn, Paddington

Fenn was founded by friends Nicole and Claire, who wanted to bring a holistic approach to their skincare regimes. With a wealth of experience behind them, the two started Fenn located in the heart of Paddington, and today it is a go-to for Sydney-based skincare junkies.

The philosophy behind the interiors at Fenn is that ‘beautiful spaces lift the soul and make the heart race’, and this is evident in their minimalistic and sleek studio, which exudes relaxation and luxury.

An all-inclusive menu of treatments delivers facial options like you’ve never seen, from the Fenn Foundation skin maintenance treatment to the Fenn classic for individual skin concerns. Fenn also offers an exclusive Fenn x Emma Lewisham facial which incorporates the New Zealand beauty brand and its renowned products. The Fenn x Emma Lewisham Facial starts at A$290 for 75 minutes of pure relaxation.

The treatment rooms at Fenn
A glimpse of the treatment rooms at Fenn | Source: @fenn.store on Instagram

The Skin Bar, Double Bay

After stepping through The Skin Bar’s emerald green doors, you’ll be met by the friendly team at the Double Bay-based beauty haven who are dedicated to “redefining modern skin health”.

Although the thought of needles lightly puncturing your face might not sound like an everyday skincare regiment, needling is a trademark facial at The Skin Bar. The procedure involves forming micro-channels in the skin and triggering the body to repair itself which involves producing new collagen and elastin. The result is reduced wrinkles, lines and scarring, all from an easy 30-minute session that is recommended monthly. A full face of skin needling is currently priced at A$220 for 30 minutes.

The interiors of The Skin Bar
The interiors of The Skin Bar | Source: @the_skinbar on Instagram

Jocelyn Petroni, Woollahra

Jocelyn Petroni is Australia’s favourite celebrity facialist, with an impressive clientele that includes Miranda Kerr and Megan Gale. Appointed once as the official nail artist of Chanel, Jocelyn is well known in the beauty scene and for good reason too.

It’s not just her meticulous treatment list that will draw you in. Jocelyn’s salon is a haven for those wanting to escape the bustle of everyday life, featuring carefully curated interiors filled with antiques, artworks, flowers and beautiful decor.

Many of her treatments have their roots in holistic beliefs and use naturally sourced ingredients. We take an interest in the Heart Chakra Signature facial which is a fusion of a French-style facial with Eastern therapies and the trademark Jocelyn Petroni Heart Chakra massage. This facial involves a skin consult, double cleanse and lymphatic drainage, a hydration mask and a massage to slow the rhythmic pace of the heart. The Heart Chakra Facial is priced at A$300 for 60 minutes.

Celebrity beauty artisan, Jocelyn Petroni
Celebrity beauty artisan, Jocelyn Petroni | Source: Mavala

The Darling Spa, Pyrmont

The Darling Spa is everything you could want in a wellness centre and more. The team are experts in the art of pampering, so take a day off and make the most of the facilities which include a Zen Lounge, tea room, steam room, jacuzzi and a heated Moroccan Hammam chamber.

Using vegan and all-natural ingredients, the Darling CleanFormance Facial employs the antioxidant benefits of red maple extract with pre and post-biotics to deliver you that sought-after healthy, glowing skin. This facial is priced at A$200 for 60 minutes.

Darling Spa, Sydney
Darling Spa is a hub of everything self-care | Source: Pinterest

Infinity Skin, Surry Hills & Mosman

With a myriad of treatment options that incorporate high-tech cosmetic products and techniques, you can have absolute faith you’ll leave Infinity Skin with a bit of an extra glow.

If you’ve been following the trends in Asian skincare and are after the highly sought-after glowing skin that many of us seek, the China Doll Laser Facial is the answer. Also known as a ‘Carbon Laser Skin Rejuvenation’ or ‘China Doll Peel’, this facial targets the skin’s pores to rid them of debris and reduces imperfections and acne that live on the outer layer of the skin.

The treatment involves the application of a carbon serum to the face to be absorbed, which is then activated by laser light waves that leave you with dewy and radiant skin.

Prices for The China Doll facial vary and are recommended for anyone wanting to righten pores, reduce acne or reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

The China-doll facial at the Surry Hills clinic
The China-doll facial at the Surry Hills clinic | Source: @infinityskin.surryhills on Instagram

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