Image: A Corian and black opal ring by Australian designer Lingjun Sun | Source: Lewis Rhodes

Semi-Precious Stones: Five Must-Have Opal Rings to Add to Your Jewellery Collection

While diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, opals are for the tradition-breakers who recognise unique beauty when they see it. Known as the ‘Queen of the Gems’, opals are synonymous with love and passion and makes for the perfect adornment to any ring with its kaleidoscope-like light throwing qualities. So, whether you’re on the hunt for some engagement-ring inspiration or you’re looking to build your ring collection, consider adorning your fingers with one of these luxurious and eye-catching opal rings.

Nomad Diamond and Opal Eye Ring by Michelle Fantaci

Infusing Art Deco and Berber design elements, Michelle Fantaci’s pieces are simultaneously modern and old-world mystical, and this Opal Eye ring is no different. Featuring a beautiful Australian Opal .11ct of F colour VS1 Diamonds, this ring marries perfectly with an overall boho style.

Oval Solitaire Fire Opal Cocktail Ring by Angara Jewellery

If you’re looking for a pop of fiery-red or rich-orange to add to your ring collection, look no further than Angara Jewellery’s Fire Opal Cocktail Ring. Offered in a range of metals, each ring is custom made upon order and features charming leaflike cutwork and opals sourced directly from the mines and manufacturers.

Large Opal and Diamond Flip Ring by Nina Runsdorf

Caressed by pavĂ© diamonds, this 18K rose gold opal ring is the height of elegance and simplicity while still offering a unique look with it’s flipped design. With each 4cts opal hand picked based on individual beauty and each ring carefully handmade in New York City, this ring is perfect for those looking for a more understated statement opal ring.

Crosscut Cabouchon

Carefully designed and boldly coloured Lingjun Sun’s Collections combine the opal with new vocabularies of materials like the Corian and anodized aluminium offering a stark contrast with the characteristics of the stone. This unusual material palette allows the designer to play with the scale and proportion of each design creating one-off pieces, perfect to wear for any occasion.

Black Opal Ring by Niza Huang

The black opal is considered the rarest opal in the world, and clutched within the claw-like design of this white-gold setting, Niza Huang treats it as such. Made by hand in London, this Black Opal Ring offers a darker and edgier look that is perfect for those looking for a daring statement piece.

The Essential Ring by Pamela Love

Pamela Love named this beauty The Essential Ring for good reason. Set in a bezel style, this ring is perfect for everyday wear and offers better protection from scratching and damage to the precious opal, so you can wear this elegant and simple piece on a daily basis.

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