Image: Chanel Body Oil Collection. Source: Chanel.

Chanel Body Oils: From the Ritz Paris Spa To Your Doorstep

Gabrielle Chanel was one of the most distinguished guests of the Ritz Paris. She loved it so much that she stayed for 34 years. When the iconic hotel reopened after a major refurbishment, it had added an establishment to honour the famous fashion designer, a spa called Chanel Au Ritz – which today is the only Chanel Day-spa in the world. 

Ritz massage oils are made from natural ingredients using flowers from the Chanel gardens in the South of France, in Grasse. Some of the signature Chanel products used at the Ritz are these body oils – designed to restore the body.

Photo: Inside the Chanel Spa at the Ritz, Paris | Photo: Chanel Spa, Ritz Paris Source: Luxe Pose

There are 4 iconic fragrant oils – L’Huile Rose, L’Huile Orient, L’Huile Vanille and L’Huile Jasmine – all of which have just become available for sale for use at home, selling at under $250 per 250ml bottle.

From the collection, L’Huile Rose is perhaps the most subtle and soothing. Enriched with Helianthus Annuus Flower Oil for sensorial richness and compatibility with skin, L’Huile Rose body oil nourishes, moisturizes and infuses skin with revitalizing properties. TheL’Huile Rose offers a slightly fruity springtime scent of Rose blossoms blended with a woody base and exquisite white musk. 

The oil is created using May Rose, a rose with 100 petals and no thorns that are grown in the Chanel gardens in Grasse. The rose only lasts for one month, but its fragrance is truly exceptional. It blooms at dawn and fades by noon, so it has to be picked before the sun is at its height.

Chanel Australia L’Huile Rose $250.00
Chanel Australia L’Huile Jasmine $250.00

Pure and simple, its jasmine component is from Chanel’s exclusive fields in Grasse, whilst the remainder is composed of naturally-derived ingredients, other oils equally as noble in stature. Upon application, Chanel l’huile jasmin is a sensorial dream.The floral, sensual and sunny sweetness of Jasmine flower petals unfurls over a soft, musky and enveloping woody base. Light, floral and truly opulent, skin is left supremely soft and supple.

Chanel Australia L’Huile Orient $250.00

Completely different in character, L’Huile Orient is an oriental floral creation with spicy rose accents combined with notes of wood, benzoin and frankincense. The oil known for being warm, relaxing and stress-relieving, is reminiscent of the Orient and is found in all of Chanel’s oriental fragrances. Frankincense is warm, opulent and soothing, and this is prevalent in this enthralling fragrant oil.

Chanel Australia L’Huile Orient $250.00

Last but certainly not least, L’Huile Vanille is a delicate fragrant oil created from the star ingredient of Sublimage, the iconic Chanel skincare Madagascan vanilla (Vanilla Planifolia), lime blossoms, lily of the valley and sweet musk blended with amber. Upon application, the L’Huile Vanille leaves the skin wonderfully soft, perfectly moisturized, and delicately perfumed.

If you wish to use these exceptional oils at home, you are not only in for a sensory treat when it comes to a bouquet of soft fragrances; but the properties of each of the oils are exceptional. If you are keen to use them, remember: oils must be applied in a circular motion to help increase blood flow. If you wish to use any of the oils as a relaxing treatment, use gentle sweeps.

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