One beauty trend set to explode in 2022 is graphic eyeliner | Source: Kylie Jenner Instagram

The Seven Biggest Beauty Trends in 2022

If the bright and bold beauty trends of 2021 showed us anything, it’s that we’re all reaching for some more colour, glitter and nostalgia in our makeup and hair looks. Spurred on by a resurgence of Y2K fashion trends and 90s glamour, 2022 is set to bring plenty of glow, glitter and gloss. Think natural-looking skin, mood-boosting accessories and ethereal makeup looks.

Graphic Liner

Seen across runways and TV series like Euphoria, a graphic liner over the usual cat-eye wing is set to be a defining makeup look in 2022. From simple reverse cat-eye designs to more intricate monochromatic eye looks, graphic liner allows you to make a statement with your lids.

90s Inspired Lips

Created with dark lip liners, nude lipsticks and lashings of gloss, the 90s inspired lip is already proving to be a trendy makeup look in 2022, with tutorials popping up across social media. Highlighting a nostalgia for the playful makeup looks of the 90s, the glossy nude lip is being seen paired with bleached brows and plenty of peachy blush.

All Over Glow

Continuing 2021’s obsession with glass-look skin, this year is set to bring more skin-enhancing glow. Evidenced by the beauty community’s recent obsession with glow-giving products like Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter, dewy skin, glittery eye looks, gloss and plenty of highlighter will all be welcome in 2022.

Statement Hair Accessories

As part of a broader trend of nostalgic, dopamine-boosting fashion, statement hair accessories are likely to remain in our wardrobes throughout 2022. While 2021 saw the rise of the practical and stylish claw clip, this year is set to bring more bedazzled clips and preppy-inspired headbands.

Natural Texture

Seen across TikTok, embracing and enhancing natural curls will be a defining beauty trend for 2022. With plenty of tutorials on how to use diffusers, create more defined heatless curls and properly nourish curly hair, natural texture in all its forms is picked to be a big hair trend this year.

At-Home Blowout

According to Trendalytics, 2022 is set to bring more blowout-style hair looks, as reflected by a surge in searches for heatless curling, butterfly haircuts and, of course, the Dyson Airwrap. Enhancing the look of long layers and curtain bangs, the voluminous blowout look is best represented by influencer, Matilda Djerf.

Bright and bold nails

Our enduring penchant for glitter, bold colours and uplifting patterns will also be reflected in our nails. Bright twists on the classic French mani will continue in 2022, along with these nail trends.

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