Floral Design to Transform Your Home

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One of the simple pleasures in life is having the opportunity to display some seasonal blooms in your home, and the satisfaction of creating the arrangement yourself proves to be the perfect afternoon activity.

Greenery in the home has been proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, consequently making you feel relaxed and ultimately happier! So, let’s take a look at a few simple floral arrangements that will transform your home, and also transform your mood.

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Nothing screams bright and cheery than these cute as a button, Craspedia Billy Balls, paired with a backdrop of Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. Using a teal tinted Mason Jar and some natural twine makes this the prefect combinations of farmhouse chic and modern minimalism. What’s more, this arrangement will last for months, with both of these stems leading themselves well to drying.

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Why not take a wander through your local farmers market and select a few seasonal bunches to transform into this beauty? The key to these arrangements is to use small vases with an even smaller opening. Either a narrow-necked jar or ceramic pitcher works well. Use as many stems as will fit in the neck of the vase and by selecting a wide variety of blooms in the same pastel tones and a range of foliage, it arranges itself. Ideally, you should aim to have the overall flower arrangement to be slightly larger than the vase itself.

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This basket of Limelight Hydrangea’s ooze that French cottage garden style, classic with simple elegance. By using a mix of pale green tones and the ivory white stems of the Hydrangea’s accentuates those springtime colours of life, growth and harmony. Be sure to select a large oval-shaped basket for this piece, preferably shallow, as these blooms look better in numbers. Remove all accompanying leaves and using some floral foam, position each bloom evenly to give that full appearance. Once the water dries up to allow the stems to dry completely for a shabby chic look that will last for weeks.

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There is no doubt that Baby’s-breath is another classic, but rather than being a filler for your arrangement why not make it the colourful main event. Simple gather together several contrasting coloured spray paints and lightly spray an evenly divided bunch of the Baby’s-breath. Using some florist foam, develop rounded full bouquets of this rainbow of coloured flora. This contemporary arrangement has become popular for wedding bouquets so why not bring a little of that soft innocent love back into your life!

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