Six Hot Sauces to Spice up Your Cooking

A drop of a quality hot sauce can transform an ordinary dish into something special. Typically used in Mexican, South American, South East Asian and Caribbean cuisines, hot sauce enthusiasts consider the condiment a staple for almost every dish. While some brands enjoy a cult following, almost everyone has their own hot sauce flavour and heat preferences. We’ve put together a list of some of the best hot sauces that you can buy right now.

The Doctor, Handsome Devils Co

With its natural fruitiness and full picante flavours, The Doctor is made by the much-loved Australian hot sauce brand, Handsome Devils Co. Made with a fiery blend of habanero peppers, trinidad scorpion and carolina reaper, the sauce is guaranteed to add a spark to your dish. You can purchase a bottle of The Doctor for just A$8.00 from Handsome Devils Co.

Truffle Hot Sauce, Truff Hot Sauce

Arguably one of the most indulgent hot sauces around, this flavourful sauce is infused with black truffle. The decadent black truffle is mixed into the sauce’s chilli blend and infused into the Italian olive oil. Gently sweetened with agave nectar and a dash of cumin, the hot sauce enjoys a thick, creamy consistency perfect for pasta and other rich dishes. You can purchase a bottle of Truffle Hot Sauce for A$31.95 from Truff Hot Sauce Australia.

Herbilicious Hot Sauce, Southside Chilli Co.

Made by Southside Chilli Co, this tasty hot sauce is made with a mix of aromatic herbs. Coriander, mint, parsley and garlic and combined with Birdseye chillis to create a fresh and zesty sauce. Complimenting steak, vegetables, fish and eggs, the hot sauce can even be used as a dip. You can purchase Herbalicious Hot Sauce for A$10.00 from Southside Chilli Co.

Spicy BBQ Whisky Sauce, Tassie Settlers

Produced by Tassie Settlers, this hot sauce combines two delicious vices into one stellar condiment. Containing a blend of Old Kempton Distillery Single Malt Whisky, premium homemade BBQ sauce and a strong dash of heat, the sauce is ideal for marinating steak and other meats. You can purchase a bottle of Spicy BBQ Whisky Sauce for A$13.00 from Tassie Settlers.

Original Blue Agave Sriracha, Yellowbird

Popular Texan hot sauce producers Yellowbird have put their own unique twist on Siracha, with a blend of garlic, fiery jalapeño and a pinch of sweet blue agave. Ideal for pairing with ramen, pizza and stir fry dishes, the Original Blue Agave Siracha is available to purchase in a regular sized bottle or in a gigantic gallon-sized container. A gallon of this hot sauce can be purchased for A$65.00 from Yellowbird.

Voodoo Chilli Sauce, Mama Blu’s

Mama Blu’s hot sauces celebrate the flavours of Steff Kamener​’s Jamaican and English roots. Winning a gold medal at the 2015 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, her Voodoo Chilli Sauce is one for those that like it hot. To be used in everything from soups and stews to pasta and scrambled eggs, this sauce is guaranteed to become a staple on your condiment shelf. You can purchase a bottle of Voodoo Chilli Sauce for A$9.00 from Mama Blu.

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