Image: Agora Ibiza Source: Assaf Pinchuk/Courtesy of Six Senses Ibiza

Six Senses Ibiza Makes Waves in Fashion Sustainability With ‘Cinderella Room’

Everybody needs a fairy godmother once and a while and Ibiza’s Six Senses Ibiza Resort’s newly opened Cinderella Room is exactly that. The magical Cinderella Room is a store where guests can hire luxury ball gowns for the evening, just like the princess in the fairytale does. 

Despite its high cost, brand names and beauty, when purchased outright, these high-fashion pieces may only be worn once or twice before being put away for good. The Cinderella Room is the resort’s answer to sustainability in the fashion industry, creating a space for clothing to be worn and recycled. This not only reduces the high levels of material wastage so often prevalent in the fashion industry but encourages high-income earners to think twice about the fashion choices they are making. 

Image: Agora store Source: Assaf Pinchuk/Courtesy of Six Senses Ibiza

The Cinderella Room is part of the resort’s Agora concept. The Agora store concept is entirely based on the values of sustainability, with heritage crafts, upcycled pieces and sustainably styling tips accompanying the high-fashion gown rental store. Having been created by two former fashion editors, Tiffanie Darke and Daniela Agnelli, the store has a clear purpose and story to tell. 

Our background is in fashion storytelling and we have discovered so many interesting and innovative ways in which fashion is answering the pressing sustainability questions facing our industry and the world

The duo said in an interview with Travel + Leisure

The business partners are aiming to showcase that sustainable options do exist in the luxury fashion space. While the benefits of renting evening gowns and dresses are undoubtedly good for the planet, it’s also convenient for travellers who aren’t interested in lugging heavy gowns and dresses to and from their accommodation. Setting a new standard for both the high fashion industry and other luxury resorts, we can only expect that we will be seeing similar concepts cropping up in other resorts around the world.

For more inspiration on sustainability and fashion, check out Isabel Marant’s Vintage online store.

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