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Branka Narancic


Six Spectacular Fine Dining Spots In and Around Sydney

The Michelin guide, has so far, only been created for America, Europe, and (some parts of) Asia. In recognition of Australia’s Gourmet Good Food Guide, Australia has what’s called The Chef’s Hat Awards which recognise culinary excellence, in food alone. Here are our top picks in Sydney.

The Tetsuya

Chef, and owner, Tetsuya Wakada uses French techniques on its Japanese menu using only local and the freshest Australian produce. Gordan Ramsay even said that if you have a food bucket list (and you should), the oysters in Tetsuya would be on the top of that list.

Photo: Tetsuya

The Aria Restaurant

If you’re Australian and the name Matt Moran doesn’t make you think of mouthwatering gourmet cuisine, then you must be on a diet. Kidding aside, this world-renowned chef is the owner of Aria, which just celebrated its 20th year. The views, the exquisite wine list, and the kangaroo dishes.

Photo: Celebrity Chef, Matt Morgan’s Flagship Store

The Bistro Guillaume

There is no lack of gallic cuisine in Sydney, but this place tops the list. French-born chef Guillaume Brahimi wanted the distinctive taste of Paris in Australia. But don’t mistake the name bistro for some inexpensive place, this is the luxurious kind with interiors one can only dream about. Great French cuisine restaurants always take a Michelin star, even if it’s just one.

Photo: Bistro Guillaume

The Ester

A blood sausage sanga (best sandwich in the country) and wood-fired oysters that are bathed in sake butter are your best bet to fall in love with Ester. A very industrial vibe is what it gives off, but don’t think the same about the food that it serves.

Photo: Ester

The Ormeggio at the Spit

If the -gio at the end of Ormeggio doesn’t ring a bell, then you might have to eat more Italian. This Italian restaurant located at the marina in Sydney’s answer to the Italian riviera. And it’s not just the view, the menu takes you on a culinary journey through Italy.

Photo: Ormeggio

The Glass Brasserie

You might say that just because the Glass Brasserie is inside a Hilton hotel, it could be making the cut. But you’re wrong. It’s more because this restaurant is operated by Luke Mangan and his magic touch when it comes to food. Any meat coming off of its grill is worth the penny.

Photo: Glass Brasserie

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