Skincare fridges are convenient to store the heavy-hitters of your skincare regimen and make a lovely addition to any vanity display | Source: The Trend Spotter

Skincare Storage: Do You Need a Beauty Fridge?

Have you ever experienced a breakout or other unwelcome reaction from an old and faithful skincare product? Chances are, it’s not a mysterious and unexplainable bad skin day. Nor the greasy pizza you may have eaten the day before.

According to a survey conducted by UK-based online skin clinic, Face the Future, 61 per cent of us aren’t storing our skincare correctly, nor do we know when our skincare expires.

While keeping your skincare goodies in the bathroom keeps things convenient, skincare experts are suggesting this may just be the worst place to keep our serums, moisturisers and the like.

According to Face the Future, while sticking to the general rule of keeping your products in a cool, dark place is the way to go, keeping your skincare in a humid bathroom could alter the formula or damage your product’s active ingredients.

And seeing as most of us don’t check the expiry dates on our skincare, maximising the shelf life of products will ensure you get the most out of them.

While every product is different, you’ll know it’s definitely time to throw out a product when there are changes in colour, texture or smell. Another important tip is to never use sunscreen past its expiration date; once it’s out of date, it may lose its overall ability to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

So, where should you store your skincare?

If you’re a real skincare junkie, then investing in an aesthetically-pleasing skincare fridge could be the way to go.

The Beauty Fridge, A$219.95 | Source: The Beauty Fridge

Seen across Instagram, little refrigerators like the cult beauty favourite, The Beauty Fridge, help preserve the integrity of your skincare products, particularly your vitamin C serum and any handmade products with organic formulations.

Is it an absolute essential? No. The majority of skincare products are formulated with preservatives, meaning so long as they stay out of direct heat and moisture, you shouldn’t experience any issues.

But is a skincare fridge really cute? Yes. Plus, storing certain products like face masks and eye creams at a low temperature does offer soothing effects to puffy and irritated skin.

Looking for clarity on some other skincare queries and concerns? Read up on Debunking Skincare Myths with DECIEM.

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