Sleep Under the Stars on a Sandbank in The Maldives

What would you give to sleep under the stars in a secluded sandbank in the Maldives and still have all the glam of a 5-star resort? Welcome to Finolhu’s cosmic experience. The first bubble tent (in the Maldives, at least) that lets you connect with your loved one and with nature.

One of the most coveted beach destinations in the world, the Maldives welcomes a million and a half visitors every year. For such a small country of 1192 islands and 26 atolls, you’d be wary that it can get crowded. Unless of course, you would go to an island resort that gives you a night of privacy. 

Finolhu Beach Bubble Tent

Designed by bubble tent connoisseurs, Eye in the Sky, this dome is redefining the meaning of room with a view. You get to stay inside a literal bubble and see the sky from your glamorous four-poster bed (complete with white sheer canopies) or the sea which is just a stone throw’s away. And let’s not forget the comfort of a 5-star hotel. It has a shower and toilet in the next zipper (yes, a zipper door), a lounge chair with a footstool and a retro vinyl player. Yes, it also has WiFi and an air conditioner to top it off. 

Photo: Finolhu Beach

But it’s all about the experience. Imagine staying in a secluded part of the island where your nearest neighbour is the Fish & Crab Shack (still a stroll away), and you can sunbathe naked if you want to. Your dinner is going to be brought and prepared right in front of you (so is your breakfast) at a specific time of the day. It is a dream come true.

To stay in the bubble tent, you would have to be booked for a minimum of 3 nights in Finolhu (the actual resort). And it’s $700 for a night with the stars. 

Funky Finolhu

It’s not a surprise that the brains behind Finolhu will be coming up with this kind of accommodation. After all, the funky resort defies what all the luxury resorts have in the Maldives, they got spunk, glamour, while still keeping up with the luxury. What does this mean, you ask? The design is colourful, fun and eclectic retro-chic. It’s a mouthful, yes. But what this means is that it’s not your boring 5-star resort.

It has sheep sculptures (a funny reference to the fact that you’re in Baa Atoll), they have vintage-style phones to call in champagne, vinyl record players in each room, and rustic holiday signs with mantras like, “If you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed.” Their butler service is called mojo agent, and their unpretentious Fish & Crab Shack is literally, a shack by the sandbar where you can relax and enjoy the food. They even have a milk bar where you can enjoy a protein shake or a glass of milk. 

Photo: Finolhu Beach

Their spa is also not your typical resort spa. Sure, they have huts, but you can see that each hut has a picture of a diva in front. This means that you can play music from that diva while having your massage! And not just your usual spa music. How cool is that?

There are a lot of people right now who would not pass up the chance to stay in a luxurious 5-star resort like Finolhu and experience their cosmic bubble tent. After all, in a time where the money is just an object, people won’t bat an eyelash to pay more for the experiences and the places that they go to. And nothing is better than stargazing inside a bubble on a sandbar in the Maldives. 

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