These emerald spec have remained in the same collection for almost half a century | Source: Sotheby's

Sotheby’s Set to Auction Emerald and Diamond Specs from the 17th Century for over A$2.75m

Dating back to 17th century Mughal India, these diamond-studded spectacles are unlike anything Sotheby’s has ever sold.

Offering the winning bidder the opportunity to see the world through emerald-tinted glasses, the Gate of Paradise spectacles and the diamond-studded pair named the Halo of Light will both go to auction at Sotheby’s in London on October 27.

The dazzling spectacles are set to sell for between A$2.75 million and A$4.58 million each.

These extraordinary curiosities bring together myriad threads – from the technical mastery of the
cutter and the genius of craftsmanship to the vision of a patron who chose to fashion two pairs of
eyeglasses quite unlike anything ever seen before.

Edward Gibbs, Chairman of Sotheby’s Middle East & India

The pair of spectacles are said to have been commissioned by an unknown prince and were crafted from a more than 200-carat diamond and 300-carat emerald. According to Sotheby’s, circa 1890 the lenses were placed in new frames and decorated with rose-cut diamonds. Because of the size of the gemstones, historians believe that the stones within these blingy spectacles would have no doubt belonged to an emperor.

The diamonds that line these glasses are thought to be sourced from the Golconda mines in southern India, while the emeralds are said to have originated from a single natural Colombian emerald.

The spectacles will be exhibited to the public in London from October 22 to 26 before going under the hammer.

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