Yves Klein receipt

Source: Sotheby's

Sotheby’s to Auction a Receipt from Yves Klein Exhibition

According to French artist Yves Klein, empty space was worth its weight in gold.

A pioneer in performance art, the late Yves Klein is known for his 1958 exhibition The Void in which the artist showcased quite literally nothing at all.

Hosted at the Iris Clert Gallery in Paris, the performance titled Zone de sensibilité picturale immatérielle saw guests file into an empty, white-walled gallery where zones of empty space could then be sold in exchange for a weight of pure gold.

With this attempt I wished to create, establish, and present to the public a sensible pictorial state within the confines of an (sic) picture gallery. In other words, I sought to create an ambience, a pictorial climate that is invisible but present…

Yves Klein from a lecture at The Sorbonne

For the first time, the receipt from the controversial 1958 art performance is set to go to auction at Sotheby’s Paris.

The receipt, which has been shown in galleries across the world, is expected to fetch between approximately A$440,000 and A$733,000 when it hits the auction block on April 6 as part of the Loïc Malle collection.

According to Sotheby’s, some have likened the exhibition’s concept and the invention of receipts as an ancestor to the NFT.

In his whirlwind career, Klein won critical acclaim for his use of his signature, and patented, pigment called International Klein Blue in his monochromatic works.

Sotheby’s will also accept bids in cryptocurrency for the receipt to Klein’s Zone de sensibilité picturale immatérielle Série n°1.

Yves Klein at his exhibition The Void
Yves Klein at his exhibition The Void | Source: The Estate of Yves Klein C/O ADAGP via Sotheby’s

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