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Step Inside the Contemporary World of Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is a luxury British Designer and restless innovator who rose to prominence in the mid-1980s as a maverick, untrained designer with a line in welded salvage furniture. While interior design had never been a career path Tom Dixon had considered – he says the day that changed everything for him, was the day he learnt how to weld.

“I found myself enjoying making objects that had a function to them.”

Tom Dixon

While working with the Italian giant Cappellini he designed the widely acclaimed ‘S’ Chair. Since then, Tom has created many masterpiece items for the home – from the acclaimed ‘fat dining room chair to the ‘Wingback armchair.’ Here are some of the most exquisite Tom Dixon pieces which are sure to add some extra light, colour, character and function to your home.

Tom Dixon Furniture

The Hydro Aluminium Chair

Known for its sleek light fittings and unique interior design, Tom Dixon is celebrated for its supreme metalwork. Presented here in polished aluminium, this Hydro chair boasts a raised pattern to resemble balloons, bringing an unexpected finish to any room. This dining room chair is the perfect addition to a traditional wood table. The contract will add extra texture to the design elements of your home, giving it more balance and interest.

The Swirl Table

Swirl Table Cone is made using geometric forms stacked on one another to create a multidimensional, functional sculpture. This piece is not only a practical item for your home, but is the ultimate standout work of artwork. Made entirely from recycling powdered residue from the marble industry – it is mixed with pigment and resin to create blocks of material that can then be sawn, sliced and turned on a lathe – fascinating, right?

Due to the nature of the pigmentation, each piece features a unique pattern due to the pouring process. Substantial in weight, smooth in texture and bold in pattern, Swirl will inject a fresh pop sensibility into any setting. Made from powdered residue from the marble industry, this table has a distinct silhouette, colouration and personality. This item is perfect in any room. Add it as a side table next to a leather armchair, or in the bathroom next to a porcelain-white bathtub for the ultimate luxury statement.

Tom Dixon Cloud Collection

The Cloud  Collection is a family of bulbous and sculptural pieces made of highly reflective polished aluminium. A reflective piece of metal art – this is the perfect item that will elevate any space it is added to. Our recommendation? Add this to your kitchen or dining room to add textural interest and give your home the ultimate look of luxury.

Tom Dixon Lighting

Melt Stand Chandelier Gold

An extraordinary floor chandelier, featuring three Melt Mini shades and four Melt shades in a modern gold finish. Emitting an attractive, mildly hallucinogenic light, this floor light creates a mesmerising melting hot-blown glass effect when on and a mirror-finish effect when off. This is the perfect t addition to your home office or reading space – the perfect light to add the right amount of light and ambience.

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