Step Inside the World of The Ritz in Paris

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury,” Coco Chanel.

The Ritz Paris has been the epitome of luxury since it first opened in the 1890s, a couple of iconic names have stayed there or have been visiting it (Ernest Hemingway, Marcel Proust, F. Scott Fitzgerald, even Princess Diana had her last meal there).

And now in this modern day and age, fashion shows are being held in this hotel, it has it’s own culinary school, and even a monopoly game named after it, just to name a few. But before we get lost in all this glitz and glamour, let’s take a look at what makes the Ritz Paris, the Ritz Paris.

Coco Chanel Suite

Photo: The Chanel Suite The Ritz

Continuing Coco Chanel’s Paris adventures at the Ritz Paris, we shouldn’t forget that she once called it home. Staying in her suite, aptly named after her, costs around €18000-€28000/night. But rest assured, it’s one of the best things that you could do with your money.

The Art of Shopping – Ritz Boutique

Photo: Ritz Shopping

What’s luxury without shopping and being able to take home that beyond comfortable pillow or the lavish bathrobe that you used? You can even buy a Hemingway Bar souvenir, champagne from the Ritz cellar, and of course, their jewellery collection in partnership with Tasaki.

The Art of Everything Fine – Dining, Bar, Salon

Photo: Ritz Vendome

Have fine dining at the L’Espadon, spend an afternoon at the Bar Vendome, tea time at the Salon Proust, have a drink at the Bar Hemingway or the Ritz Bar to cap off your night. The Ritz Paris will always cater to whatever it is that you need. They even have Le Jardin – where you can host your private party or a wedding!

The Art of Skincare by Chanel

Photo: Chanel Spa

Nothing is better than using Chanel products on your skin, nails, hair, face – everything. And what if we tell you that not only will you be using these extravagant products, but you will also get to have a facial treatment or a massage and even a makeup service? Yes, they have it here.

The Art of Hair Styling by David Mallet

If there is one person in the world that you should get to style your hair, it should be David Mallet.

The Art of Relaxing – Ritz Club Paris

Photo: Ritz Pool

If only time could stop as you float on the (indoor) pool looking directly at the heavens, the Ritz Blue will make you feel like you’re swimming along with the gods and goddesses. And then you will snap back to modern day with their exceptionally good gym.

The Art of Cooking – Ritz Escoffier School

Photo: The Ritz

Nothing spells amazing chef when you cook French cuisine at home. And this is possible through cooking lessons at the Ritz Paris.

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