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Get the Look: Street Style Tips from Paris Fashion Week

Puffer jackets, pants worn under the skirt or long jacket, micro handbags, round-toed heels, Paris Fashion week took the style to the streets this year and showed how brave style choices could completely change your vogue.

The concept of street style was on everyone’s lips this year, from the runway to the Parisian streets, the explosion of different colours and mixed style outfits meant everyone was looking comfortably chic.

Here is a guide to some street style garments and accessories and how to fit them into your outfit.

The Foulard

The resurgence of the foulard meant many outfits were given a French-girl twist, the silk scarves being tied to handbags and draped out of the pockets of trench coats.

These versatile accessories are a mainstay of French street fashion, they made many appearances at fashion week, if not on the catwalk, blending in with the crowds of influencers and photographers.

Add a touch of colour and movement with the inclusion of a foulard to get the breezy, carefree look sought after by those in the know.

Bold Fur Combinations

Street Style fur coat
Source: Vogue

The street style look is street smart, we see neutral colours offset by plaid in the daytime and racy feathers and fur featuring at night.

The addition of sequin dresses underneath a showy fur coat or slick trench coat gives the garment a multidimensional appeal that screams courage and complexity.

Big and Bold Footwear

Source: Vogue

The humble Ugg-boot is a staple of street style, a thigh-high variant making more than one appearance in Paris last month.

Warm and comfortable like your favourite pair of socks but not slowed down by a trip outside or onto some wet grass these rugged-yet-snug foot-coverings will get you to the party and home again in style.

Street style platform shoes
Source: Vogue

Ever-practical, proponents of the street style look will wear huge, padded boots so they can easily traverse whatever the urban jungle throws at them.

But street style is dynamic and that practicality becomes less evident at official events and formal occasions where platforms and soaring stilettos become the order of the day.

Eclectic Layers

Street style layers
Source: Vogue

Wild mixes of different styles and textures give the street style its versatility and a sense of organised chaos comes through when multiple layers boldly contrast each other.

Jackets over jumpers, leg-warmers and even frilly tulle additions to a boring outfit will make it pop, influencers and fashionistas evidently agree.

The clash of comfort clothes and party pieces allow the wearer to exude a confident air of eccentric intelligence uncaring of others’ opinions and preconceptions about how clothes should be worn.

Paris fashion week showed us that the rules are being broken in the world of high fashion, the trend for street style outfits signalling style and up-to-the-minute fashion is within comfortable reach.

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