Inside the unique dining experience at Sublimotion restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira Hotel in Dubai | Source: Sublimotion

Haute Cuisine: Inside the Culinary Experience of the ‘World’s Most Expensive Restauraunt’

Presenting fine dining on another level, head into the Sublimotion restaurant’s world of molecular gastronomy and haute cuisine and you’ll find far more than just fancy food.

Long named the ‘most expensive restaurant in the world,’ Sublimotion in Ibiza, Spain, has now added a second restaurant in Dubai at the five-star Mandarin Oriental Jumeira Hotel.

Commanding an average meal cost of around A$2,800, Sublimotion paves the way for the future of fine-dining where its multi-sensory meals provide an “unprecedented dining experience through culinary art and technological innovation”.

The custom-made space has its own entrance separate from the hotel and seats just 12 diners around one table surrounded by 360-degree screens. The set-up adds an intense visual stimulation with themes and projections designed to complement the dishes with insights into the food’s origins, how it’s made and what they represent.

Sublimotion fine dining
Sublimotion 360 degree screens
Projected on 360 degree screens, diners at Sublimotion experience changing visual aesthetics depending on the dishes | Source: Sublimotion

Helmed by Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero, the Sublimotion menu is a closely guarded secret where mystery and surprise are used as ‘essential ingredients’.

The truth is that one of our dreams was always to be able to turn the table into a stage. And today, at Sublimotion, the table is a stage where many things happen on it and around it. Quite simply, we have made a change to the way we eat.

Head Chef Paco Roncero

While the cuisine is of course part of the high-end production, the restaurant says the performance and presentation are just as much a key to the dining experience.

With food described as ‘international,’ diners can expect around 10 courses where each delicacy is introduced by a master of ceremonies with performers providing a sense of drama and a theatrical scene.

Sublimotion restaurant in Dubai
Inside Sublimotion restaurant in Dubai | Source: Sublimotion

Changing colours and images create a constantly evolving atmosphere that’s both theatrical and technical where unpredictability is part of the show. The result is diners taking a seat without preconceptions of what to expect – just prepare for a celebration of the joy of eating and drinking.

Behind the scenes, a team of 25 designers, engineers, magicians, illusionists and actors bring the production to life working to deliver a holistic luxury experience that’s honed to the highest level.

A magical concept offering a unique culinary escape, the Sublimotion restaurant may be the future of fine dining. Guests are asked to make a reservation, specify any allergies and a menu will be adapted accordingly.

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