Sunlight Escape: Piaget’s Ode to the Sky

Always do better than necessary. This is what Georges-Édouard Piaget told himself with passion, in the harsh winter town of La Côte-aux-Fées in 1874. The little family-run workshop conquered the field of ultra-thin watch movement in the mid-1950s and then plunged into jewellery with the ‘Do what has never been done before’ attitude by Valentin Piaget, grandson of Piaget. Little did they know that decades later, their brand, Piaget, has established itself as one of the most luxurious watch brands in the world, and has broken into the high-end jewellery market as well. 

Their technique discovery and evolvement makes it difficult for other brands to cope up with them. After the ultra-thin, they moved on to tourbillon and tourbillon skeleton, retrograde, self-winding, art of enamelling and setting and gemology. With the biggest jewellery factory in Geneva, every single piece of stone is handmade – cut, adjusted, and set by hand. It’s painstaking, but it’s also what sets their bar high. 

The High-End Jewellery Collection

Piaget’s Sunlight Escape collection is inspired by a never-setting summer sun and nights that have the brightness of day. It has three sub-collections or chapters – Warming Lights, Exalting Sights, and Dancing Nights. All three are towards recreating polar beauty, tourmaline cabochons give the lifelike appearance of chic icebergs caught in a sea of diamonds. While white opalines, spessartines and red and pink spinels implore the flaming rays of the sun amidst the Arctic night sky.

Warming Lights

The collection is made up of creations in rose gold, yellow gold, and white diamonds, which catches the light and transforms it through a multitude of reflections and refractions. 

A watch from this set, called Mirror of Lights, has an 18K white gold case with 24 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 1.8 carats). Adorned with a white mother of pearl dial utilizing the Piaget manufactured quartz movement, the watch’s bracelet is also in 18K white gold, with 636 brilliant-cut diamonds (6.48 carats), 5 pink cut diamonds (5.84 carats), and 21 oval cut diamonds (10.95 carats). 

Photo: Piaget High Jewellery

The Midnight Sun, which does resemble divergent rays of the sun. The link of the necklace is made of 18K rose gold adorned with 1 emerald from Colombia (6.02 carat), 35 marquise-cut emeralds (4.43 carat), 119 round-cut emeralds (15.47 carat), 42 diamonds (4.67 carats), and 219 brilliant-cut diamonds (4.69 carats). 

Photo: Piaget High Jewellery

Exalting Sights

This chapter pays ode to the time lost staring at the play of blue and white in the arctic zone. Most of the pieces exhibit exhilarating shades of blue: lapis lazuli, Paraiba tourmalines and aquamarines collide with waves of brilliant-cut diamonds.

The piece that embodies Exalting Sights is a necklace that resembles the sharp cuts of icebergs in different shades of blue. Called Infinite Blue, the transformable necklace is adorned with 14.52 carats pear-cut aquamarine, 67.34 carats of Paraiba tourmalines, lapis lazuli and diamonds. 

Photo: Piaget High Jewellery

Another piece from Exalting Sights is a manchette cuff called Blue Emotion, with a stunning 24.36 carats emerald cut tanzanite, 9.45 carats diamonds and feather marquetry.  

Photo: Piaget High Jewellery

Dancing Nights

With the beauty of the aurora borealis in mind, the Dancing Nights chapter closes this collection. The colours used in this chapter evoke the feeling of watching the aurora borealis flaring, fading, and flying through the nighttime atmosphere. Spinels, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and opals were used exorbitantly in this chapter. A great thing about this chapter is the work of Maitre d’art Rose Saneuil on three high jewellery pieces out of wood marquetry.

Photo: Piaget High Jewellery

A pair of earrings from the collection called Green Aurora (which also has a cuff version), displays the refinements of the Aurora Borealis. Utilizing tiny fragments of straw, Sycamore and Common Hornbeam, an indigo tourmaline is in the centre, with over 14 carats of the beautiful and rare Namibia crystal.

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