Sunreef Explorer Yacht

A look at the new Sunreef Explorer catamaran line | Source: Sunreef

Sunreef to Release New Line of Luxurious Multi-Hulled Explorer Yachts

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Polish shipyard Sunreef has announced its new line of multi-hull explorer yachts. The world-leading superyacht makers say these catamarans will be capable of circumnavigating the globe in total luxury with increased capacity and efficiency as well as a low draft allowing for shallow cruising.

The Sunreef Explorer line will be designed around the plans for the existing 40-metre and 50-metre yachts and will offer an additional three models.

Sunreef says the explorer yachts will have a huge storage capacity for a fleet of water toys, including jet skis, seabobs, e-bikes, e-foils, sailing dinghies and tenders that all fit comfortably on board, ready to be used upon reaching a remote beach or lonely islet.

The gym and private spa are welcome additions, but an outdoor cinema with a bar really makes this vessel one to be desired. That’s if you get the chance to use it in between diving, snorkelling and fishing in the shallow waters that the Sunreef Explorer yacht can cruise through.

Sunreef Explorer
Sunreef Explorer | Source: Sunreef

A huge 13.4-metre beam allows for amazing alfresco dining and the smart waste management system means environmental impact is kept to a minimum. The 40-metre Sunreef Explorer was unveiled in 2020 and we were able to see its larger sister yacht, the 50-metre Explorer, earlier this year.

Sunreef Explorer
Sunreef Explorer | Source: Sunreef

The definition of luxury has changed over the years. Today, real luxury is a feeling, an experience. Our activities as a shipyard go far beyond the construction of ships. We create emotions, we create magical moments at sea and make dreams come true. Our new Explorer Line is about living in the moment.

Francis Lapp, Sunreef Yachts Founder and CEO
Sunreef Explorer deck
Sunreef Explorer | Source: Sunreef

The Sunreef Explorer yacht line can be custom fitted to the owner’s specifications. Whether you like sumptuous wood grain or sleek polished surfaces, the interiors are completely up to you. She has capacity for 12 guests sleeping comfortably in opulent suites and her huge amount of deck space means there will be plenty of room for socialising.

Catamaran superyachts are becoming very popular. Their stability and deck space make them an excellent choice and Silveryachts just released their latest catamaran, Spacecat.

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