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Super Cubes: Say Goodbye to Melty Ice with Reusable Ice Cubes

You wouldn’t know but there was a time when ice was considered a great luxury. In Japan, it was a gift offered to emperors; during the reign of Charles II, iced drinks were the preserve of an elite who had it brought down from the Alps by donkey. These days people don’t give it a second thought – throwing a couple of ice cubes into their favourite vodka mixer and consider it job done.

There’s no denying that melted ice compromise the taste of a perfectly stirred cocktail. Yet, as any bartender will tell you, the quality of your ice can have a dramatic impact on your drink. Made from stone, stainless steel and sometimes plastic – reusable ice cubes could be the answer to keeping our cocktails looking and tasting fresher and crisper for longer.

Georg Jensen

Made of stainless steel, the Sky ice cubes by Georg Jensen provide a stylish and efficient way for cooling your drinks. The pebble-shaped steel cubes can be kept in the freezer and added to drinks just like normal ice cubes.

Georg Jensen Sky ice cubes $61.80 | Source: Georg Jensen

Kollea Cubes

Using top quality stainless steel, Kollea offers easy to clean, durable drink chillers that can freeze in just one hour. Containing a non-toxic gel, these reusable cubes come with a pair of tongs to pop them into your beverage of choice.

Wine Stash Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Complete with a cigar cutter and ashtray, Wine Stash has created the ultimate gentleman’s gift set. Granite round whiskey chilling stones promise to keep your whiskey cool and chill it fast while also functioning as a decorative piece that every whiskey lover will appreciate. But again, like stainless steel drink chillers, they can only keep your drink cool for so long.

Quiseen Whiskey Stones

Made from 100 per cent pure soapstone, Quiseen’s Whiskey Stones are another great alternative to ice cubes. Ready to use in a few hours, these eight chilling stones come in a wooden gift box.

Professional 55mm Ice Ball Maker

Crystal-clear ice spheres chill faster, dilute less and last longer than cubes can. Fill this 55mm ice ball maker with a chunk of ice and watch as it transforms into a perfect orb within minutes. What better way to savour liquor on the rocks.

Discover the ultimate whiskey glasses to accompany your whiskey stones here.

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