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Super Hair Removal Explained: 5 Reasons Why its the Ultimate Beauty Treatment

There’s undeniable confidence that comes with beautifully smooth skin. An ability to tackle your tasks with tenacity and take on whatever the day brings. The common question behind having that silky touch is; what’s the best hair removal method? Well, now we can say goodbye to painful IPL treatment, stop time-consuming shaving and eliminate wasteful waxing because there’s a new hair removal method on the scene. It’s called Super Hair Removal or simply SHR and it combines IPL technology with pulsating light. The result is pain-free hair removal. Let’s have a look at how it actually works and whether SHR hair removal treatment is for you.

What is SHR Hair Removal?

It’s described as a supercharged, pain-free way to get silky skin. Super Hair Removal is a breakthrough in IPL technology and the latest innovation in the ever-advancing beauty market. It’s defined by gentler pulses at a higher frequency targeting both fine and coarse hairs. The softer approach offers less discomfort and improved efficacy, ideal for fair and sensitive skin types.

What’s the difference between IPL and SHR hair removal?

What’s the difference you may ask? Well SHR technology doesn’t deliver high-intensity shots as with IPL. SHR provides gradual heating of the treatment zone with lower joules destroying the hair follicles in a gentler fashion. The multiple shots, of a lower intensity, make treating a larger area much faster and safer. A continuous back and forth sweeping motion is used with each section only taking around 10 seconds to heat. You’ll notice the difference immediately; a warm tingling sensation similar to a warm massage instead of the harsher pinching sensation of IPL treatment.

How Many SHR Treatments Do I need?

SHR treatments are generally set 4 weeks apart with a minimum of 6 treatments. Most people have between 6-10 treatments. With minimal post-treatment discomfort, SHR is great for people with little available time.

Is SHR Hair Removal Permanent?

Yes, SHR treatment uses specific wavelengths of light energy to compromise your body’s ability to re-grow hair. The heat gently distributed below your skin ensures permanent and long-lasting results in the treatment area. It’s not unusual for some people to return for a touch-up one or two years after their initial treatment.

Is SHR Hair Removal Suitable for Me?

SHR treatment is suitable for both men and women and can work on almost any area of your body. As a gentler and less invasive procedure than IPL, it’s perfect for sensitive skin and fairer hair. It’s been shown to work well on lighter coloured hair and with most skin tones.

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