Devialet’s Ultra-Luxe Phantom Speaker Adds 22 Carat Gold Side Panels. Image: Pinterest

Superb Sound Meets Stunning Style: Devialet Adds 22 Carat Gold to Phantom Speaker

When you think of luxury speaker brands, Devialet may not be the first in mind. The French audio technology company, founded in 2007, is probably not as well known as other major players yet, Devialet produces arguably some of the best sounding speakers in the world. That’s all thanks to its latest Devialet Gold Phantom Speaker; a wireless speaker with breathtaking, high-fidelity sound, producing more power, clarity, and precision than any other wireless speaker on the market currently. Sound too good to be true? If you’re after a premium wireless speaker, this is why the Devialet Gold Phantom Speaker commands so much attention.

When you want the best sound, you want an experience. Zero background noise, no distortion or saturation and bass that resonates through your whole body. The Devialet Phantom wireless speaker gives you just that. More than a decade of innovation and development has gone into fueling this wireless speaker offering, and it shows.

The low end bass is something to behold. It’s intense yet clear; a powerful 4,500 watts of subwoofer vibration that fills any room. When it’s turned up to the maximum, the bass rivals anything else on the market and for such a compact speaker, that’s amazing. It’s easy enough to take your listening experience from good to great and beyond.

The rest of the sound is crisp clear. Mid level sounds are impressive and work subtly well on top of the brilliant bass foundation. The audio is exactly what you want; detailed and clear making the overall audio quality fantastic. The Devialet Gold Phantom easily eclipses other comparable wireless speakers and even rivals some floor-standing speakers.

Image: Devialet CEO Franck Lebouchard | Source: The Peak

Aside from the sensational sound, Devialet also gets the packaging and build quality spot on. The French company spent a long time designing the Devialet Gold Phantom wireless speaker and it shows. The shape stands out right away. The egg-shaped oval is both functional and stylish and is likely to stay that way well into the future. It’s an overall modern design featuring curved accents and a front grille that gives it a striking look with a luxury feel.

A construction that is made even more exquisite thanks to the addition of 22-carat gold to the new signature side panels. Also available in either black matte, dark chrome or light chrome, it’s the golden exterior that really makes these speakers shine.

There can’t be more you say? There is. On top of the high level sound and the very stylish design, it’s incredible that this speaker is wireless. As wireless speakers keep improving, the Devialet Phantom continues to lead the way. You get both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with no difference in sound quality and even connect via an ethernet cable if you wish. You can also access all your favourite services; Spotify, Soundcloud or Tidal with ease. All of this is managed through the Devialet Spark app; a well organised app for both iOS and Android that’s smooth and simple to use.

If you’re searching for a high-end wireless speaker, we don’t think there’s much out there better than the Devialet Gold Phantom. Enjoy exceptional sound, effortless wireless connectivity and fantastic features all in a stunning compact design.

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