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Ocean's Superyacht NFTs are based on the Esquel, a 105 meter Explorer Superyacht that is rated to go places other yachts can't go, like polar regions | Source: Oceanco

Superyacht Industry Leader Oceanco Launches NFT Collection

Imagine collecting something money can’t buy, something that gives you access to future ongoing benefits that are experienced both virtually and in the real world. These benefits could be collaborations between well-known brands or limited release technology or designs that are only available to the owners of particular virtual tokens, welcome to the exciting world of Oceanco’s Superyacht NFTs.

When you buy an NFT you are not just investing in blockchain, you are putting your money behind an organisation whose potential value is only increased by speculation about the value of Superyachts and ownership of Non Fungible Tokens. For an industry leading company like Superyacht builder Oceanco, the move into NFTs is an instinctive continuation into a more connected financial world and an exciting development in the Superyacht industry.

Entering the world of NFTs felt like a natural progression for Oceanco and we wanted to make sure we offered something unique and exciting. Which is why we are putting fun and engagement at the heart of Superyacht NFTs. We are making the exclusive more inclusive.

Paris Baloumis, Oceanco Group Marketing Director

We are all aware that a lot of the intrigue and interest created by a Superyacht has to do with the often eye watering price. It is not uncommon for a Superyacht owner to pay upwards of A$100 million for a luxury seagoing vessel, but alongside the intrigue and interest lies an unexpected but logical benefit, value.

Exclusivity is the new currency and digital platforms like the Ethereum or Casper Blockchain are leading the way with the range of NFTs that have been built on the commonly traded cryptocurrency. The new Oceanco NFT collection, built in collaboration with CasperLabs, Gallery and Megalodon, is your ticket into the glamorous world of enormous oceangoing Superyachts, or more particularly, into the cutting edge technology and design of these floating mansions.

Benefits of owning the new Oceanco’s NFTs include being able to collaborate with Casper and designing your very own Superyacht NFTs, a world first and just one example of the access to both virtual and real-life experiences owners of these NFTs have access to. The NFTs were designed by Timur Bozca of Bozca Design and based on Esquel, the 105m Explorer Superyacht that the two brands previously collaborated on. 

Oceanco NFTs
Source: Oceanco

As with any investment, these NFTs will need time to mature, but Oceanco has plans for increasing the value of the digital currency, holders will be given the opportunity to boost their tokens through airdrops of collectible add-ons including super toys and accessories. 

Key utility partner, travel and yachting experts Pelorus have also been announced as a collaborator on these Superyacht NFTs. At the heart of the new Oceanco Superyacht NFTs is the company’s vision of making the Superyacht Industry more inclusive.

Until now the world of gargantuan Yachts, with luxury inclusions like onboard jacuzzis and exciting water toys was limited to those with a bank balance to match these vessels’ ambitious construction. Superyacht NFTs open this world to the average person, allowing anyone to own a slice of nautical design history, a ticket into a world of innovation and prestige that has, until now, been off-limits to most small-time investors.

Superyacht NFTs are based on the Esquel, a 105 meter Explorer Yacht with a host of luxurious features including a helipad and hangar, designed to be able to go anywhere in the world. Like the Esquel, the potential for these Superyacht NFTs is to be able to take you anywhere, the designs and exclusive content available with ownership are unlike any NFT available at the moment, they are the very first NFT backed by a major Superyacht builder and Yacht industry leader.

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