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Sustainable Sipping: The Best Eco-Friendly Coffee Cups

As the emphasis on protecting the natural environment rightly continues to filter throughout society, one of the simplest steps towards a sustainable lifestyle is switching out non-reusable materials. And one of the biggest culprits, single-use cups, is also one of the easiest to change.

It is estimated that around 1bn takeaway coffee cups are thrown away every year in Australia, and they are practically impossible to recycle. Gulp.

More environmentally conscious coffee connoisseurs choose to bring their own reusable cups for baristas to fill. Whether it’s for your daily coffee, keeping your water cool or protecting your favourite smoothie, making the switch to a sustainable cup is not only an eco-friendly choice but also offers a superior taste to paper or plastic cups.

And there’s no shortage of choice. Eco-friendly cups come in a variety of materials, designs and sizes so there’s likely an option for any and every taste. If you’re looking to make the switch, have a look at these brands turning the eco-friendly reusable cup into a beverage staple.

Frank Green

Founded by Benjamin Young in Melbourne in 2013, Frank Green is now one of Australia’s most loved reusable cup and bottle brands. Based on a passion for the environment and coffee, the brand is known for its sleek stylish design that is practical, durable and attractive.

Made with ceramic, stainless steel, and a 100 per cent recyclable co-polymer, Frank Green’s products use locally-sourced materials reducing the carbon footprint of the production process. Its cup-thermos designs are lightweight, ergonomic, easy to hold and fully airtight, perfect for travel and great for both hot and cold beverages.

Highly practical and built to last, the reusable cups are available in a range of patterns and styles including water bottles and coffee cups offered in 175ml, 295ml and 475ml sizes.

Joco Cups

Designing and manufacturing reusable cups since 2009, the Australian company describes its products as ‘hardworking and fine looking’. Created from artisan blown borosilicate glass with a medical-grade silicone sleeve, its eco-friendly coffee cups are odour resistant and free from all types of BPA, cadmium and lead. 

Originally selling coffee cups for hot beverages, Jococ Cups has now expanded to sell active flasks, bottles, glassware and accessories. Coming in a range of sizes from 118ml to 454ml, part of each purchase made at Joco Cups also goes towards the Seabin Project.

While a selection of timeless colours is available, they also offer a creative ‘JOCO Artist Series’ collection for customers who are looking to add flair to their daily coffee routine.


Huskee’s reusable designer coffee cups are sturdy and comfortable with an ergonomic design made from natural waste material from the coffee-making process. The Australian designed products are durable and dishwasher safe, created for use in cafes, for home users and on-the-go coffee drinkers.

Coming in three cafe-ready sizes, the reusable cups feature unique thermal properties with a corrugated exterior to provide heat protection and a more grip-able fit, as well as a universal lid and saucer that fits all models.

They also have a HuskeeSwap system that includes a smartphone app where customers can go to a participating cafe and drop off their cup and exchange it for a new one. While the Huskee range is limited to two different colours and three sizes, the minimalist, monochrome style offers a timeless aesthetic.


Well known for its huge variety of quality coffee products, it’s no surprise Hario also produces some of the best stainless steel reusable cups. Since 1921 the Japanese brand has focused on the design, production and sale of heatproof glass in Japan now bringing that expertise to its reusable stainless steel cups.

Not only do they have market-leading temperature trapping properties thanks to a vacuum-sealed, double-walled design, but they are also stylish, ergonomic and very easy to clean. Well-built and sturdy, they can handle regular use and are perfect for travelling into rural areas.

While Hario produces the popular insulated mug, they also have a range that includes an insulated tumbler, coffee pot and reusable bottle.


As the world’s first barista-standard reusable cup, KeepCup was created to allow people to sustainably enjoy good coffee on the go. They’re cleverly designed to fit under coffee machine heads and are made from lightweight, durable plastic, glass, cork and stainless steel.

With a long sustainable lifecycle in mind, the individual parts of a KeepCup such as sleeves and lids are able to be replaced separately rather than buying a whole new product.

Whilst originally selling only coffee cups, KeepCup now offers thermal flasks and bottles as well as replacement parts. The range of materials, colours and sizes are fully customisable to suit each individual requirement and specifications.

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