This is the Ute of the Century: The New Tesla Cybertruck

There is no doubt that in the past month, the Tesla Cybertruck has been the most talked-about vehicle in the automobile industry. Exceptional features, broken windows, and a ton of fascinating events occurred during the release of the new Tesla’s truck. Aerodynamic, unusual shape, high speed, uniqueness – those are some of the words we can use the describe the Tesla Cybertruck.

So the uniqueness of the Cybertruck stems from its squared-off body structure, as it is obvious. Yet, why Elon Musk decided to make it that way?

“Musk said the Cybertruck’s various hard edges can help improve aerodynamics” – as we said earlier – aerodynamics.

The shape carefully guides the air around the wheels, which reduces the drag coefficient. Musk says that the drag coefficient is approximately 0.30, which provides extreme softness when the car is in motion.

Source: Tesla

Compared to the Ram 1500, which came earlier the same year, the Ram features a 0.357 coefficient rate. And this makes the Tesla Cybertruck the truck with the lowest coefficient rate.

Moreover, Musk says that the Cybertruck can achieve laminar airflow. This means a situation in which layers of air move equally distributed among the surfaces, which reduces the drag. That’s because of the truck’s smooth belly. Whereas with other trucks, things are quite laborious. And the drag coefficient is higher due to the various parts that are located on their bellies.

All in all, the Tesla Cybertruck is an amazing car, that comes from the future. Musk announced that 250K pre-orders have been made in just a few days after its release. The price starts at A$58,905. The truck is an absolute new-generation beast.

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