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Take Your Morning Brew to the Next Level with These High-End Coffee Machines

Have you found yourself in the barista-quality coffee predicament? Where after drinking coffee from your favourite local cafe, or for some even a favourite barista, you can no longer put up with Nespresso pod coffee, or heaven forbid, instant coffee. Apart from cost and environmental concerns, the ability to have barista-quality coffee at home is a game changer and, in our opinion, the key to a happy life.

Before diving into the complex world of coffee machines, it’s essential to identify how often you intend on using your machine as well as your skill level. If you don’t know your way around a steam wand, grinder and tamp, it might be worth learning some barista basics before buying an espresso machine. Here are some top picks for coffee snobs and skilled at home baristas alike.

Barista Quality Precision

With highly customisable features as well as auto volumetric controls for precise coffee extraction, the La Marzocco GS3 Espresso Machine is every coffee snob’s dream. As a professional grade coffee machine, experienced coffee makers will love the GS3 for at home espresso making. Featuring the same thermal stability system used in the La Marzocco Strada, the brew and steam boiler temperatures can be set to .3ºC. While carrying a reasonable price tag, the GS3 is an outstanding machine that will look beautiful on any countertop.

La Marzocco GS3 machine
La Marzocco GS3, A$10,299

Compact and Functional

Earning rave reviews, the Lelit Victoria Espresso Machine packs aesthetic and functionality into a relatively small package. With a generous boiler capacity as well as a smart boiler refill feature that allows you to steam as many milk coffees as desired, the Victoria Espresso Machine packs a punch.

Lelit Victoria coffee machine
Lelit Victoria, A$1,699

A Collector’s Dream

A beautiful replica from the Belle Epoque era, the Bezzera Classic 2 Group Espresso Machine is every collector’s dream. Made from polished brass and topped with an eagle, the Bezzera Classic 2 Group might be dismissed as simply an aesthetically-pleasing treasure from the coffee world, but this espresso machine still offers incredible thermal stability and automatic boiler refill.

Bezzera Eagle coffee machine
Bezzera Eagle, A$19,995

The Lamborghini of Espresso

Offering incredible patented needle valve technology, the Slayer V3 3 Group is considered the height of luxury and craftsmanship when it comes to coffee machines. Unlike any other machine this needle valve technology allows users to significantly reduce flow rate during the pre-brewing stage to achieve high extraction without the usual bitterness.

Slayer Espresso 3 Group
Slayer Espresso 3 Group, A$38,700

The All-in-one Automatic

For coffee-lovers that are after a high-quality automatic espresso machine, look no further than the Breville the Oracle Automatic Espresso Machine. Allowing you to save up to eight personalised coffees, this machine is perfect for those looking for a fast, reliable and high-quality machine.

Breville the Oracle Automatic Espresso Machine
Breville the Oracle Automatic Espresso Machine, A$2,699

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