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Take Your Skincare Routine to the Next Level with these Luxury Face Tools

From gua sha to microdermabrasion, the ever-expanding world of skincare continues to introduce us to new, and ancient, ways to unveil our best skin.

While most will agree that at-home skincare tools can’t compete with a trip to the cosmetician or dermatologist, there are a number of beauty devices earning the stamp of approval from skincare junkies. Cleansing devices are being hailed as the best way to get the deepest cleanse while toning devices are being recognised for their ability to sculpt and define.

Of course, a derma roller or LED face mask isn’t essential to your skincare routine. The real results come from the basics: wearing SPF and sticking to a skincare regimen that works for you.

But, if you’re looking to upgrade your next pamper session and really treat yourself, these skincare tools might be just what you need.

Dr Naomi Skin Clean Freak

Supporting deep and thorough cleansing, a facial cleansing brush like Dr Naomi Skin’s Clean Freak could be what your skincare routine is missing.

Featuring sonic vibration technology and soft silicone bristles, the cleansing device aids in removing residual makeup and skin impurities before you go in with your serums and creams.

“Users say that the difference feels similar to when you compare the clean from a regular tooth brush to the clean from an electric toothbrush,” founder Dr Naomi McCullum said.

Dr Naomi Skin Clean Freak
Dr Naomi Skin Clean Freak, A$149 | Source: Dr Naomi Skin

Lanshin Pro Gua Sha Tool

If you consider yourself a gua sha pro, or you just want to learn how to sculpt with a luxe jade tool, then Lanshin’s Hetian jade Gua Sha Tool is the way to go. Featuring a patented silhouette that allows for use across the face and body, this stunning tool is designed to de-puff the skin, and of course, relax as you glide it over your face alongside your favourite face oil or serum.

Lanshin Pro Gua Sha Tool- Nephrite Jade
Lanshin Pro Gua Sha Tool- Nephrite Jade, A$232.93 | Source: Net-a-Porter

Lonvitalité Microneedle Derma Roller Face & Body Kit

Featuring four titanium attachments, this Derma Roller set from Lonvitalité is great for those who have experienced the benefits of micro-needling and are looking to gain the benefits from home. Promising to target discolouration, fine lines, cellulite and keratosis pilaris, this small but mighty derma rolling face and body kit has earned rave reviews.

Lonvitalité Microneedle Derma Roller Face & Body Kit
Lonvitalité Microneedle Derma Roller Face & Body Kit, A$149.95 | Source: MECCA

Angela Caglia Rosebud Eye Treatment Set

Offering a more luxurious way to hydrate and de-puff your under eyes, this Rosebud Eye Treatment Set is a must for those who enjoy the therapeutic ritual of skin rolling and gua sha. Made from rose quartz, this set stays naturally cool and is great for gently working in the product.

Angela Caglia Rosebud Eye Treatment Set
Angela Caglia Rosebud Eye Treatment Set, A$97 | Source: MECCA

NuFACE Trinity Device

Through gentle microcurrents, NuFACE’s toning device aims to enhance facial definition and reduce the signs of ageing with consistent use. Praised for its ability to subtly lift and define, the Trinity Device is used by applying NuFACE’s Gel Primer to the skin and then gliding the device in an upward motion over the areas you want to target.

NuFACE Trinity Device
NuFACE Trinity Device, A$500 | Source: MECCA

Skinstitut Skin-Inject MTS Derma Roller

Great for derma rolling beginners, this fine derma roller from Skinstitut has been praised for its ability to increase the absorption of serums and promote a brighter complexion.

Comprised of 600 gamma-sterilised, surgical-grade stainless steel micro-needles, reviews for this at-home micro-needling device note the product is relatively comfortable to use and subtly targets a range of skin concerns, from pigmentation to fine lines.

Skinstitut Skin-Inject Derma Roller
Skinstitut Skin-Inject Derma Roller, A$63.96 | Source: Adore Beauty

Dr Naomi Skin LED It Glow

Targeting a range of skin conditions through concentrated wavelengths of light, LED face masks took the skincare world by storm last year. Suitable for all skin types, at-home LED masks claim to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation, including this adorable light therapy mask from Dr Naomi Skin.

With 10-minute use, three to five days per week, company founder Dr McCullum said that people should expect to see improvements in three to six months.

Dr Naomi Skin LED it Glow
Dr Naomi Skin LED It Glow, A$595 | Source: Dr Naomi Skin

Angela Caglia Cryo Facial Set

In terms of pampering, this Cryo Facial Set is as luxurious as you can get. Plated with 18K gold, these cooling wands are certainly a splurge but are sure to produce that salon-fresh feel from the comfort of your own home. Great for those who tend to wake up with puffy eyes, the wands work by being kept in the freezer overnight and then used in conjunction with your favourite serum or face mask.

Angela Caglia Gold Cryo Facial Set
Angela Caglia Gold Cryo Facial Set, A$187 | Source: MECCA

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