Trend Alert: Terrazzo More than Just Flooring

Interior designers are now, more than ever using terrazzo inside commercial spaces to add texture and detail inside a space. The terrazzo trend has moved on from the traditional design in flooring – and is now being featured in kitchen bench-tops and kitchen islands, entryway feature walls and bathroom vanities and tiling.

Terrazzo, which in Italian means; terrace, dates back over 500 years when workers in Italy were left with odd-shaped pieces of marble after finishing a project.

The workers would put these pieces in clay and grind them flat for a more comfortable walking surface and used a tool called a Galera to allow them to work and grind the floor while standing up. 


Traditionally in slabs, terrazzo is available in tile form which makes perfect use for floors and walls. As terrazzo is heat resistant and can cool down quickly, its most ideal use is kitchen applications. No two pieces of terrazzo are the same. This adds interest and detail to space which can be contemporary and simple.


Terrazzo can also be used in bathrooms to give a classic look more detail and style. While most of the time terrazzo is smoothed down it can be left rough and uneven – adding to the look and feel of the overall design. If you want to go for a more sophisticated look then opt for a black terrazzo with minimal shapes as this provides a more significant and upper market look which can also be quite beautiful. You can even dress it up with a patterned wall and some bright colours that contrast and stand out from the stone.

Source: Homes to Love

Due to modern technology, terrazzo can be cut into specific shapes and sizes and can be used in a variety of ways whether it be a backsplash, countertops, tables or jewellery. As the technology for creating, cutting and casting terrazzo continues to improve, more real-world and unusual applications are yet to be discovered.

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