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The 10 Best Seltzers for Summer

Not so long ago, the ‘it’ choice of beverage was the beloved Aperol Spritz. This year it’s the seltzer. Sorry, Aperol. Spurred on by the highly anticipated arrival of White Claws in Australia last year, it seems that Aussies still can’t get enough of hard seltzers. Proving to be a classic summer drink, the rather simple mix of vodka, gin or tequila with flavoured soda water has continued to be the beverage of choice in 2021. As we continue to march on into summer here in Australia, we’re certain seltzers will continue finding their way into eskies, beach clubs and bars. Here are 10 of the best seltzers you can get your hands on for your next barbeque.


Produced by Australia’s largest brewery, Carlton & United Breweries, Actual vodka seltzers are a classic, no-fuss take on the seltzer craze and, like many other seltzers, are marketed for their low-calorie servings. Made with lightly sparkling water and smooth vodka, Actual seltzers are refreshing and less than 70 calories per can. Actual seltzers are priced at A$20 for a four-pack through First Choice Liquor.

Good Tides

Made with premium triple-distilled vodka, Good Tides’ seltzers are light, refreshing and sugar-free. Available in lemon and lime, and raspberry flavours, Good Tides is expertly crafted by Asahi Premium Beverages and offered at A$22 per pack of four at Dan Murphy’s.


Hint is New Zealand’s take on the seltzer and it sure is refreshing. Made with triple-distilled vodka and water sourced from the Bay of Plenty, Hint’s sugar-free seltzers are concocted with a hint of watermelon or citrus and are 66 calories per can. Available at Dan Murphy’s and BWS, a four-pack of Hint is priced at around A$20.


In search of a solution to save their taste buds and waistlines from the usual craft beers, the three mates behind Sydney-based Staple Drinks came up with a healthier pre-mix alternative: a refreshing seltzer. Offered as a Vodka Soda and Lime as well as a Gin Soda and Cucumber, Staple’s seltzers are refreshing, zesty and priced at A$60 for a 12 pack.


A popular seltzer of choice at bars across Australia, FELLR is another Aussie based company born from a lack of good pre-mix alternatives to beer. Containing next to no sugar, FELLRs seltzers are subtly sweet and are available in four flavours: passionfruit, watermelon, lime and soda, and dry and lime. A four-pack of FELLR is priced at A$24 through Vintage Cellars.


Containing a 6 per cent ABV, Rainbird’s seltzers are a little stronger than the rest, but still offer that refreshing and subtle taste that makes it a great summer beverage. Available in lemon and lime, cranberry, grapefruit and passionfruit, Rainbird has a wide variety of flavours to try. Rainbird seltzers are available through Dan Murphy’s and BWS with a four-pack priced at around A$20.


Made through a rice fermentation process, Quincy’s seltzers have a clear dry finish and are infused with subtle natural flavours including passionfruit and lime. Available through Dan Murphy’s and BWS, a four-pack of Quincy seltzers are priced at around A$21.

Sunny Eddy

Positioned as a more refreshing alternative to gin and tonic, Sunny Eddy’s seltzers are a sugar-free gin-based option for those on the hunt for a new seltzer to try. Priced at A$45 for a 12 pack at Dan Murphy’s, Sunny Eddy’s seltzers are offered in lime and cucumber, crisp pink apple and blood orange and grapefruit flavours.


Available in passionfruit, natural lime, mango and raspberry rosé flavours, Smirnoff’s seltzers are an affordable and refreshing offering from the vodka giant. A stand-out favourite is Smirnoff’s mango flavoured seltzer, which, along with the other flavours, is priced at A$20 for a four-pack at First Choice Liquor.


Locally crafted using native Australian botanicals, Sips’ seltzers are crisp and refreshing and a little different to the usual seltzers out there. Pairing raspberry with riberry, blood orange with kakadu plum, and pink grapefruit with Davidson plum, Sips zero-sugar seltzers offer subtle and unique flavours. At Dan Murphy’s, a 12 pack of Sips is priced at A$54.

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