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The 18 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

For many people, coffee is just a way to get some energy in the morning. But for others, coffee is a sacred daily ritual – it’s a way of life.

While I prefer my coffee to be served in an oversize, glass mug – sitting in my garden and flicking through the paper, it’s safe to say that’s not always the way I consume it. Most days, my coffee is ‘enjoyed’ in a different light – usually during the mad morning rush of school hour that is. Regardless of how you or someone you know may consume their coffee, here are the best coffee-related gifts to buy this year, that will ensure their morning brew is a little more pleasant – no matter what their schedule looks like.

Alessi Espresso Maker

Enjoy great-tasting coffee every morning with this stylish La Conica Manico Lungo espresso coffee maker from Alessi. Designed by Aldo Rossi, this stainless steel and copper coffee maker is ever-so-stylish. With its sleek design and blue detailing, this coffee maker will sit perfectly on any kitchen benchtop. Combining a sphere, cone, and cylinder, the three geometric elements give the design a sleek and stylish look – all while offering great tasting coffee.

Alessi Espresso Maker A$561.00 | Source: Amara

Seletti Milk Jug

Bring style and innovation to your morning ritual with this porcelain milk jug from Seletti. Beautifully made from crisp white porcelain, it’s crafted in the shape of a milk carton, adding a touch of humour to the breakfast table. As part of the Estetico Quotidiano Collection, the idea behind each piece in the range is to embrace the beauty of everyday items and transform them into chic reusable pieces.

Seletti Milk Jug A$23.00 | Source: Amara

Ottoni Electric Kettle

Set the style to boiling point with the Ottoni electric water kettle. Designed to resemble a playful post-modern version of a traditional stovetop model, this electric tea kettle deserves pride of place in your kitchen.

Ottoni Electric Kettle A$229.95 | Source: Bodum

Trade Coffee Subscription

It’s fair to say no coffee enthusiast will be disappointed to receive a coffee subscription service – and that’s exactly what Trade is. Allowing its customers to customise the “kind of beans that will arrive at the doorstep” based on the general category of coffee you like, whether it be light, dark, nutty, or fruity, it’s the perfect gift to buy. With plenty of options to choose from, monthly subscriptions start from A$13 for one 12-ounce bag.

Source: Trade Coffee

Greg Natale Palazzo Mug

With its striking patterned arches in navy, maroon and black, the beautifully crafted Palazzo mug uses motifs from classical architecture in a modern silhouette. Made from bone china, the Palazzo range is also offered in an espresso cup – for those who prefer their coffee dark and short.

Greg Natale Palazzo Mug A$55.00 | Source: David Jones

Javy Liquid Coffee

Javy Liquid Microdose Coffee is a concentrated form of cold brew designed to be mixed into your favourite recipes like the much-loved ice coffee. Offering delicious taste and practicality, this is the perfect option to select for those who enjoy an iced latte on a hot day.

Javy Coffee Concentrate A$24.95 | Source: Javy

Georg Jensen Sugar Bowl

Add some style to your kitchen and keep your sugar stored inside the Bernadotte sugar bowl, a timeless piece of Scandinavian design that will light up any table or kitchen benchtop.

Bernadotte Sugar Bowl includes spoon A$120.00 | Source: Georg Jensen

Lavazza A Modo Mio Smeg Coffee Capsule Machine 

Offering a sleek and simple design, this stylish Lavazza A Modo Mio Smeg machine offers convenience and a retro 1950s golden age design. Simply insert the capsule, then press one of the pre-programmed buttons for Espresso or Lungo, and your morning brew will be made for you in no time. Sure to put a smile on any coffee enthusiast’s face, this sleek design is available in three colours and offers barista-quality coffee from the comfort of your home whenever you wish.  

Lavazza A Modo Mio Smeg coffee machine A$349.00 | Source: Lavazza

‘Craft Coffee: A Manual’ by Jessica Easto

Should your recipient have all the gear they need, this “must-read” book will enlighten them about the chemistry behind their favourite cup. “This book makes the science of coffee engaging and accessible,” whether you’re an enthusiast or just coffee curious.

‘Craft Coffee: A Manual’ by Jessica Easto A$14.50 | Source: Amazon

Nespresso Vertuo Mug Set

Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee and enhance your tasting moments with these stylish cups made of tempered glass from Nespresso. Curved lines and generous proportions make these the perfect cups for a large cup of coffee to be enjoyed in the sun.

Nespresso Vertuo Mug Set A442.00 | Source: Nespresso

Cartwright & Butler Dinner Blend Coffee

Delicious and bold, this coffee is a unique blend of 100 per cent Arabica beans that have been expertly roasted for a rich, dark, chocolatey flavour. Offering the perfect balance of boldness and intensity, this is exactly the kind of coffee you crave at the end of a meal. 

Cartwright & Butler Dinner Blend Coffee $A21.95 | Source: David Jones

Metallisk Coffee Grinder

If there’s one thing coffee enthusiasts love, it’s the smell of a freshly ground blend. Grind your coffee beans yourself. It saves money and is a fun activity for the somewhat more particular coffee connoisseur. Easy-to-clean and good-looking – this Metallisk Coffee grinder from Ikea is practical, yet stylish – meaning it can be left standing on the countertop.

Metallisk Coffee Grinder Ikea A$30.00 | Source: Ikea

La Doublej Espresso Cups

Add some colour to your morning routine with this espresso set from La Doublej. Featuring maximalist patterns and vibrant colours, this set of two striped cups is made from porcelain and is hand-painted for a unique touch. Use yours to serve a fragrant after-dinner espresso

La Doublej Espresso Cups A4187.00 | Source: Net-A-Porter

Vacume Coffee Maker

Monitor the eye-catching brewing process through the two firmly attached borosilicate glass bowls. The water heats in the lower chamber, creating vapour pressure that forces the boiling water up to mix with coffee grounds. The coffee maker is then removed from the heat and vacuum pressure draws the brewed coffee downward through a strainer, and into the bottom chamber for serving. What a sight to wake up to.

Vacume Coffee Maker A$149.95 | Source: Bodum

New Wave Caffè Spoon teaspoon

Perfectly designed to be placed on top of a saucer or alongside a plate, this silver spoon is sure to make your day a little brighter after sipping your favourite blend of brew.

Villeroy & Boch teaspoon A$21.00 | Source: Villeroy & Boch teaspoon A$21.00

Bone China Paper Cups

Add a touch of luxury to your day with these Tiffany Bone China Paper Cups. Transforming utilitarian items into handcrafted works of art, these artisanal pieces are inspired by the paper coffee cups used only in Tiffany & Co. stores around the world and is the perfect gift to give to a coffee lover.

Tiffany & Co Bone China Paper Cups A$290.00 | Source: Tiffany & Co.

Villeroy & Boch Coffee To Go Mug

To Go is the collection for anyone who enjoys being on the go and wants to avoid plastic. Villeroy & Boch has been setting trends in functional and beautiful porcelain since 1748. Offering practicality with sleek design, this is the perfect reusable on-the-go mug for your morning brew.

Villeroy & Boch Coffee To Go Mug A$48.95 | Source: David Jones

Bialetti Moka Induction Coffee Maker

Offering an optimal and sleek design, this coffee maker by Michele de Lucchi is the perfect item to invest in. Designed with interest research, the optimisation of the coffee pot shape improves and enhances the organoleptic properties of coffee – meaning you get a perfect brew each time.

Bialetti Moka Induction Coffee Maker A$220.00 | Source: David Jones

Looking for the ultimate coffee gift for yourself or someone special? Take Your Morning Brew to the Next Level with These High-End Coffee Machines or read up on how to get the best cup of coffee: From Bean to Cup: The Best Coffee Beans for the Perfect Morning Brew.

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