The Arcadia Sherpa XL is Performance, Comfort And Eco-Technology in One Design

If you are enthusiastic about megayachts, then you presumably recognise that the Sherpa series have always been ahead of the competition.

And Arcadia has completely blown it off with its brand spanking new Sherpa XL.

Here are the most critical words we can use to precisely describe this yacht: comfort, performance, eco-friendly technology, as well as a bit of personalisation in terms of the layout.

Featuring more than 2,300 square feet of interior and exterior layout (which is 24 per cent more than the competition), the Arcadia Sherpa XL comes with enough space and comfort to allow any guest to experience great comfort.

The uniqueness of the Sherpa XL stems from the jigsaw layout of the decks. There is enough space on each floor, as well as the height between them. The exterior looks merely fascinating.

Photo: Arcadia Sherpa XL

What’s more, a large living area on the lower deck is where you can relax along with your family or friends (up to 10 people).

Whereas on the upper deck, you’ll find a lounge with a bar to continue your relaxation by absorbing some sun rays and genuinely connecting with the surrounding nature. This zone is also perfect for entertaining activities such as dancing, playing different games, and more.

When it comes to the interior, you can expect a three- or four-cabin layout. The only difference is the kitchen’s location. With the three-cabin plan, the galley is situated in the lower deck, whereas with the four-cabin design, the galley is positioned in the sky lounge.

Photo: Arcadia Sherpa XL

The cabins are made large to emphasize convenience and exude a “contemporary, simple, and essential style,” according to Enrico Lumini, the chief designer of Hot Lab. He also added that he and his team have stressed providing the yacht with simple geometrics to add extra comfort and convenience. The yacht is designed with IPS1050 engines that produce a top speed of over 23 knots. It’s known that the Sherpa XL performs 30-35 per cent more efficiently than its competition with a speed of 12 knots. And another spectacular feature is the solar panels at the roof of the yacht. They power all the necessary onboarding systems except for the air-conditioning.

Photo: Arcadia Sherpa XL

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