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The Australian Artists Taking Ceramic Art to a New Level

If Patrick Swayze is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ceramic art then you may need to be reintroduced to the art form. Having once been widely referred to as a craft, ceramists around the world are quickly changing people’s perspectives of the art. Having revolutionised the arts landscape of California, ceramic art is growing popular in other areas of the world, including Australia. Let’s introduce you to some of the top Australian artists in ceramics right now.

Jade Thorsen

Jade Thorsen is a Melbourne based ceramicist who works from a studio in North Fitzroy. With a background in Industrial Design, Jade’s practice is largely based on wheel-thrown functional wares. With a strong interest in the methodology of slow making, Jade emphasises that the process of making her pieces is just as important as the final product. You can explore more of Jade’s work on Pépite, Northcote Pottery Supplies and Bayano the Rebel.

Katia Carletti

Katia is a ceramicist living in Adelaide using reduction fire stoneware to make her collection of ceramics. Based in her home studio, Katia uses a hand built, pinching technique to create functional yet beautiful items. Drawing inspiration from nature, folk art and the need for practical homewares, you will find bowls, jugs, teacups, planters, necklaces and even more in her collection. You can purchase Katia’s collection on her website.

Simone Karras

Having first studied ceramic art in the 1990s, Simone Karras only recently returned to the art form and now creates beautiful ceramics from her studio in Melbourne. Drawn to hand-building techniques such as coiling, her work explores different forms and textures to create beautifully curved silhouettes with distinct features. Using a combination of stoneware clays, each of Simone’s pieces takes a series of weeks to create. You can purchase her pieces on Jardan and Pépite.

Simone Nabholz

Simone Nabholz is a West Australian ceramicist based in Fremantle. Simone’s ceramics are sold through her personal ceramic brand Winterwares, which was created when Simone became inspired by the thought of eating nourishing food out of a particular style of bowl. Drawing on the Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi, the collection contains a beautifully rustic selection of soft white and charcoal bowls, mugs, vases and candles. You can purchase Simone’s ceramic art pieces on the Winterwares website.

Nicolette Johnson

Born in London, raised in Texas and now living in Brisbane, Nicolette Johnson first fell in love with ceramics two years ago. Drawn to symmetry, esoteric and surrealist motifs, Nicolette is primarily interested in the way we assign meaning to objects. Applying a modern aesthetic to ancient art forms, Nicolette’s work is a beautiful exploration of mythology, sensuality and tradition. While you can purchase items from Nicolette’s website, you can also find her work in the permanent collections of The National Gallery of Victoria, Museum of Brisbane, and the Griffith University Art Museum.

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