Branka Narancic

Branka Narancic


The Most Effective Vitamin C Products for Brightening

In the world of dermatology, it is no longer a question if vitamin C is one of the most effective anti-aging compounds. It is renowned for its antioxidant functions and serves to keep skin glowing so that the years roll by without hour notice.

Vitamin C combats irregular pigmentation and inflammation. And, when used on a long term basis, it boosts collagen levels, leaving you with a brighter, firmer, and more radiant complexion.

Sure, the market is filled with a wide option of vitamin C products to choose from, and you might have a hard time picking out the best, but that’s why you’ve got you.


Mad Hippie’s Vitamin C serum is effective and comes without additives. It is mild on the skin and doesn’t cause any burning sensation when applied, but yet, it is quick to correct skin problems. And, in the long run, it prevents aging. It’s easy to use. Simply apply a few drops every morning and await its amazing results.

Photo: Mad Hippie


Is your skin prone to acne? Then this product is the solution you’ve always wanted. From blending acne scars to putting a halt to all such occurrences. Sunday Riley’s CEO Rapid Flash Brightening Serum is unique in that it comes in a more stable, an insoluble form of vitamin C thereby allowing it contains higher concentrations of vitamin C. The serum comes thicker than it’s peers, so you’re sure of the quality. Thick as it is, it’s soluble enough for your skin to absorb and glow.

Photo: Mecca Australia


You might want to make applying this product as a morning routine. A pea-sized amount on your face down to your chest will be enough to do the magic. It contains ingredients like pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes which exfoliates the skin gently and removes dead cells. The constituent vitamin C, complemented by ferulic acid combines to leave you with a shinier and brighter skin. Skin inflammation also bows at the feet of this potent formula. Amazingly, this product lasts about 3-days on your skin and continually perform these functions.

Photo: Mecca Australia


The refreshing citrus smell is one of the numerous reasons we love this product. As opposed to the name “essence,” the look and feel of this product give it away as a serum. It combines the right proportion of hyaluronic acid, arctic spring water and rich, natural vitamin C. The perfect combo to achieve your dream skin. It’s one of the most pocket-friendly and yet potent, vitamin C serum.

Photo: Honey & Velvet


This one’s best for hyperpigmentation, and skin dullness. But that’s not the blockbuster. It contains a massive 79 per cent vitamin C and that’s about the highest you can find in the market. It uses a unique way to store up the active ingredient; vitamin C. Vitamin C “flash freezes” to maintain maximum action. When required for use, the pearls can be broken down with three full drops of the activator serum that comes with it. This product is recommended for evening use once a week.

Photo: Vitamin C & Pearls

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