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From the Brewery to the Doorstep: The Best Beer Subscription Services

One of the best things about modern technology is convenience. Almost anything can be delivered straight to your door at the click of a button. This includes beer.

You might hear the term subscription services and instantly think of streaming giants like Netflix. There are, however, wine subscription services and now beer subscription services that ensure your favourite drops get planted on your doorstep, no travel necessary.

While there’s nothing better than enjoying a fine brew in one of the best beer gardens in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, the convenience of a beer subscription cant be matched. From craft brews to the familiar favourites these are the best beer subscription services in Australia to sign up to.

Beer Cartel

Delivers: Australia-wide
Subscription cost: From A$39.99 per month

The oldest running beer subscription service in Australia, Beer Cartel, was voted best online beer retailer at the Beer and Brewer Awards. There are three packages to choose from ranging from A$39.99 to A$89.99 per month. The Bootlegger (A$39.99) gets you a six-pack (three limited releases and three favourites) per month with The Black Market (A$89.99) providing you with a dozen premium beers. The middle ground is met by The SpeakEasy (A$69.99) delivering six limited releases and six of the favourites per month. With detailed tasting notes and a range of styles from all over the world, a Beer Cartel beer subscription makes a fantastic gift or simple pleasure for any beer lover.

Beer Cartel Beer subscription
Source: Beer Cartel

Craft Cartel

Delivers: Australia-wide
Subscription cost: From A$59 per quarter

Sydney’s Craft Cartel Liquor boasts an inventory list of 700 craft beers. The two-decade-old establishment offers beer subscription services in both eight pack or sixteen pack options. On the 15th of every month (or quarterly), 8 beers of the finest Australian brewed beers are delivered to your door for A$59. You’ll also get quality tasting notes, a beer glass guide and a personalised gift card, plus free shipping when you spend A$50 or more. For A$99 per month, you can double the amount of beer, with two of everything in each box.

Craft Cartel Beer subscription
Source: Man of Many

Hops to Home

Delivers: Australia-wide
Subscription cost: From A$69 per month

One of the most popular beer subscription services in Australia, Hops to Home promises the freshest beers straight to your door. Its beer club offers a hand-picked selection of Australia’s best craft beer cans delivered in a 10 or 20 can pack. The beers from the best independent Australian craft breweries arrive at your doorstep within 30 days of being canned, guaranteeing the freshest, crispest flavours. They allow you to preview the beers included to get a better idea of what you’re signing up for. The 10 pack costs A$69 monthly and the 20-pack is A$99 monthly.

Hops to Home
Source: The Crafty Pint

Carwyn Cellars

Delivers: Australia-wide
Subscription cost: From A$50

The beloved independent drink retailers, Carwyn Cellars offer a beer subscription service called Schmooze. The Melbourne-based company has three options ranging from A$50 to A$120. In The Beerthusiast Pack (A$50) expect five twins beers, alongside two singles that stand out above the pack but it changes each month. The bimonthly Club Wild costs A$120 every two months with a dozen wild beers that showcase “small micro-breweries, local producers, gypsy brewers and old-world rarities”.

The Beerthusiast Pack
The Beerthusiast Pack
Club Wild Pack
Club Wild Pack


Delivers: Australia-wide
Subscription cost: From A$100 per quarter

Opening in 2009, Slowbeer was the country’s first, 100 per cent dedicated craft beer store. Now, Melbourne’s pioneering retailer features more than 2,500 different drops offering a customisable beer subscription. A mix of a dozen craft beers delivered to the doorstep either monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Specify what styles you like, what styles you don’t and they’ll select the range. The subscription costs between A$80 and A$150 depending on your choices.

Tin Man

Delivers: Australia-wide
Subscription cost: From A$60.50 per box

The newest kid on the block, Tin Man is a truly modern beer subscription service providing a variety of Australian beers. The monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly distribution options deliver 12 or 24 beers from A$60.50 per box. From its packaging to its process, Tin Man is a minimalist beer subscription that keeps things simple. Select how often you want to receive your monthly brew box, and a curated box of Australian beers will be on its way to your doorstep

If you’re more of a gin person, you can also get your favourite tipple straight to your door with the best gin subscription services.

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