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The Grate Indulgence: The Best Cheese Subscription Services

It’s 2022 and subscription services are as popular as ever with the modern convenience allowing almost anything to land right at your doorstep. If you’re a cheese aficionado or looking for the ultimate pairing for a wine subscription service, there’s nothing more satisfying than having the finest cheese selection delivered straight to your door. The best part is there’s no shortage of quality companies for the cheese connoisseurs to choose from. Here’s a look at the best cheese subscription services in Australia.

Cheese Therapy

The nationwide cheese subscription service offers two packs each containing 4 kinds of cheese. Choose from the Australian ‘Therapy Box’ subscription and sample the best home-ground produce or explore cheeses from around the world with the ‘Globe Trotter’ subscription. Each pack comes with accompanying tasting notes and pairing recommendations and you can also opt-out of a specific cheese if it’s not to your taste. The ‘Therapy Box’ is $80 per month and the ‘Globe Trotter’ is A$88.90.

Harper and Blohm

The Victorian-based specialty cheese shop offers a cheese subscription service that delivers around Melbourne. From A$95 a month, you’ll get up to 4 kinds of cheese per month selected by cheesemongers – a variety of soft, hard, and blue cheeses made from cows, goats, sheep, and buffalo milk.

Formaggi Ocello

Based in Sydney, this cheese subscription service offers premium cheeses from around the world. The finest selection of farmhouse cheeses from Italy, France, Switzerland and Australia. Choose from one, two, or three-month subscriptions that deliver four carefully selected kinds of cheese matched to the season alongside tasting notes and serving suggestions. Costing A$90 per month, your delivery arrives, on the third Tuesday of each month starting on 18th January 2022.

Cornelius Cheesemongers

One of Australia’s premium cheese delivery services, Cornelius provides artisan cheeses and accompanying condiments delivered to your door every month. It features the best, premium cheese sourced exclusively to your taste. One cheese and a condiment subscription cost A$39.95 per month and three kinds of cheese and a condiment are priced at A$80 per month.


Shipping anywhere on the east coast of Australia, this cheese subscription provides carefully curated top-shelf cheeses from seasonal favourites to storied classics. Beginners will enjoy its Mild + Mellow Trio offering that includes more gentle flavours from creamy bries and aged cheddars. For the more experienced cheese lovers, the gutsy flavours of the Strong + Smelly Trio that includes soft, hard and blue cheeses are the preferred choice. The price is A$90 for express, chilled shipping.

The Artisan Cheese Room

This one is for the adventurous cheese lover who is keen to explore varying types of cheeses based on seasonality. Delivering to the surrounded Sydney suburbs only, The Artisan Cheese Room subscription is ideal for the entertainers with boxes containing cheeses, matching biscuits and tasting notes. Choose from a one month for A$90, three months for A$260, six months for A$530, or 12 months for A$1,000.

The Smelly Cheese Co.

This cheese subscription service is for the true cheese connoisseurs. The company will take you on a monthly journey through four artisan kinds of cheese hand-picked by an expert paired with wine tastings and a recipe. Each month you’ll have the chance to discuss the cheeses and recipes with industry experts on an exclusive Zoom call hosted by the expert. For delivery every month the cheese subscription service costs A$115.

Get Cheese

Every month you’ll enjoy a different selection of cheeses, food items, recipes, and drinks curated by cheese experts straight to your door. The ultimate cheese club offers a variety of different boxes depending on the month along with the stories, history and production methods behind the wonderful showcased produce. Get the whole cheese experience starting from $90 for three months, delivering Australia-wide.

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