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The Year of the Tiger: The Best Chinese Lunar New Year Displays

Traditionally celebrated with large family gatherings, delicious feasts, fireworks, colourful parades and the exchange of those special red envelopes, Chinese New Year is one of the world’s biggest celebrations. 2022 marks the Year of the Tiger on Tuesday 1 February. While the Omicron outbreak may see some celebrations scaled back, you can still expect incredible Displays from across the globe.

Spring Festival Flower Fair in Guangzhou

Chinese New Year is also recognised as the Spring Festival and giving flowers is seen as an important custom in some parts of China. In Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou, you will find flower fairs, festivals and markets set up for the arrival of the New Year. The city of Guangzhou enjoys some of the country’s best flower festivals with the city nicknamed China’s flower city. As the New Year arrives, streets will be decorated and vendors will stay open past midnight for locals to finish their flower shopping.

Image: A flower market at the start of the Spring Festival in Guangzhou Souce:

Yuyuan Lantern Festival in Shanghai

Lanterns are an important part of this celebration and many Chinese cities will end the New Year celebrations with a lantern festival. You will find one of the most spectacular lantern displays in Shanghai at the annual Yuyuan Lantern Festival. Set within the Yuyuan gardens, the display sees traditional performances and processions accompanying the thousands of lanterns that light up the city. You can experience the Yuyuan Lantern Festival on 15th February 2022.

Image: Yuyuan Lantern Festival in Shanghai Source: Flickr

Chingay parade in Singapore

With Chinese residents making up almost three-quarters of Singapore’s population, it’s no surprise that Singapore puts on one of the world’s best Chinese New Years displays. The Chingay parade is Singapore’s official Chinese New Year celebration, seeing a colourful congregation of street floats and performers make their way through the city streets. Translated from the Hokkien dialect to mean ‘the art of costume and masquerade,’ the parade is one of Asia’s biggest street performance events. If you can’t attend this year’s parade in person then you can still tune in online for a Livestream of the event.

Image: Shingay Parade in Singapore Source: Shutterstock

Chinese New Year in London

London’s Chinese New Year celebrations have always been an exciting event for locals and tourists alike. The celebrations take place across London’s Chinatown and West End districts with the celebrations finishing with performances and entertainment in Trafalgar Square. This year, you can expect a traditional Chinese New Year parade, lion dances in Chinatown, plenty of tasty street food and activities for the entire family.

Image: Chinese New Year Celebrations in London Source: Chinatown London

Sydney Lunar Festival

This year, Sydney is set to celebrate the Chinese New Year with an exciting calendar of events. Bring in the Lunar New Year with the Darling Harbour fireworks on 29 January 2022 and enjoy a week of festivities across Chinatown and the city centre. With cultural tours, exhibitions, traditional lion dances and folk dance performances, there will be things to see all over the city. We recommend checking out the Chinese Garden New Years display, which will see the garden illuminated with theatrical lighting to reflect the four seasons.

Image: Lunar New Year Celebrations in Sydney Source:

Chinese New Year Festival in Yokohama

While Chinese New Year is not an official holiday in Japan, it’s still celebrated in many places across the country. If you happen to be in Japan this Chinese New Year then we recommend heading to the city of Yokohama in the Kanagawa Prefecture. Home to the country’s largest Chinatown, the city will be bringing in the Year of the Tiger with parades, lion dances, visits to temples, a new years countdown and thousands of lanterns on the 15th day of the festival.

Image: The Chinese New Year Festival in Yokohama, Japan Source: Japan Info

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