The Best Hiking Trails in Perth

Perth is surrounded by national parks and great hiking trails. Whether you’re looking for waterfalls, wildflowers or a native animal or two, there’s plenty to discover just outside the city. With cooler weather ahead, now is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy everything that the trails have to offer.

These are the best hiking trails in Perth.

Goat Walk, Bells Rapids Park

This 3 km dog friendly hiking trail winds through the spectacular Bells Rapids Park. Home of the annual Avon Descent canoe race, the park is also a popular hiking and picnic destination. The Goat Walk is a relatively gentle trail with some steep sections that reward you with views over the Swan Coastal Plain, surrounding countryside and rushing Avon river. If you’re there at the right time, you might also meet the local mob of grey kangaroos who reside in the park.

Eagle View Walk Trail, John Forrest National Park

You will need to set a full day aside to tackle this lengthy hiking trail. Located in the John Forrest National Park, the Eagle View Walk Trail covers 15 km of natural bushland, wildflowers and waterfalls. Passing through pretty jarrah and marri tree forests, the trail follows the bubbling Jane Brook into the hills and valleys of the national park. While the trail requires about six hours of walking, there are a number of scenic lookouts and shady picnic areas where you can stop and take a break along the way.

Sixty Foot Falls Trail, Ellis Brook Valley

The Sixty Foot Falls trail is a 2 km loop through the Ellis Brook Valley in Banyowla Regional Park. Passing though the Old Brighton Quarry, the trail offers a fascinating geological history of the area and a rewarding view over it’s namesake, the Sixty Foot Falls. If you happen to visit in spring, you can also enjoy over the sight of over 500 diverse species of wildflowers bursting into bloom. The trail is dog friendly but can be challenging at times, so make sure that you bring water for both yourself and your pet.

Valley Loop Trail, Lesmurdie Falls National Park

The Valley Loop Trail is the longest hiking trail in Lesmurdie Falls National Park, merging all four trails into one. Starting at the Lesmurdie Falls car park, the 3 km trail descends into the valley, offering views of the cascading Lesmurdie Falls and the Perth city skyline. At the base of the falls, you will find a pretty picnic area with lush vegetation and plenty of colourful wildflowers on display in the spring.

Quenda Trail, Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary

Only open between May and November, Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary offers three different hiking trails. At 6.5 km, the Quenda Trail is the sanctuary’s medium length walk. The trail takes in the magnificent Paruna Gorge, natural flora and plenty of wildlife. It’s not uncommon to stumble across one of the many kangaroos, echidnas or beautiful native birds that call the sanctuary home. To experience Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary, you are required to book online and pay a small $10 fee that goes towards the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. With your booking, you will be sent a unique access code for the sanctuary gates.

Kitty’s Gorge Walk Trail, Serpentine National Park

Kitty’s Gorge Walk Trail is one of the most popular walking trails in Perth. Located in Serpentine National Park, the trail takes in huge granite gorges, plenty of native forestry and the impressive Serpentine Falls. At 17.5 km, the trail is one of the longest hikes in the Perth region, requiring up to seven hours of walking. However, the stunning views and beautiful natural flora quickly reward the effort.

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