The Best Jewellery Stores in Perth

Independent jewellery stores can offer a uniquely personal touch to jewellery design and creation. While the bigger stores may have plenty of options, there’s something special about working with a jewellery designer who can get to know you and your jewellery requirements personally. If you’re thinking about remodelling an old favourite or you’re ready to create something entirely new, these are some of the best jewellers in Perth.


Established in 1972, Linneys is one of Perth’s most enduring jewellery stores and family businesses. Located in Subiaco, Linneys specialises in bespoke, custom jewellery designs. With an onsite design studio and workshop, Linney’s jewellers are able to expertly combine time honoured goldsmith techniques with modern technology to create unique, handcrafted pieces. Whether this process involves wax carving or hand forging of metals, the work requires a high level of talent, knowledge and precision. If you’re interested in owning your own Linneys piece, simply drop into one of the three boutique West Australian show rooms and start your conversation with one of the expert jewellery designers.

Sinclairs Jewellers

Now located in Applecross, Sinclairs Jewellers was first founded in 1947. The three generation family-run business expertly create high-end pieces of jewellery. With certified gemmologists, every diamond and gemstone is personally selected by the store’s experts. Sinclairs Jewellers also has access to the latest computer aided software, which allows the store to produce a 3D model of your ideal jewellery design before it’s manufactured. With a passion for remodelling older pieces of jewellery and a dedicated bridal range, Sinclairs Jewellers has something for everyone.

Thomas Meihofer

Thomas Meihofer first opened his jewellery design studio over 25 years ago. Located on Rokeby Road in Subiaco, Miehofer is known for designing and creating art-deco inspired pieces of jewellery. The Subiaco showroom features artisan designed pieces from the workshop, and a selection of contemporary jewellery sourced from innovative European designers. Whether you’re interested in creating something new, or remodelling an older family heirloom every piece of Thomas Meihofer jewellery is required to meet meticulous design and quality standards.

Nordhoff Jewellery Couture

From responsibly sourcing their raw materials to delicately working with the nuances of each gemstone, Nordhoff Jewellery Couture are one of the most innovative Jewellery manufacturers in Perth. Emphasising the individuality of each gemstone and allowing them to guide their designs, expert jewellers complete the entire jewellery creation process by hand. With three decades of experience, the Mount Lawley jewellers can help you create the jewellery that you desire.

Rohan Jewellers

Perth born, Rohan Milne has an impressive portfolio and history of high-profile clients. From handcrafting cufflinks for Pope John Paul II and the Prime Minister of Italy, his jewellery store, Rohan Jewellers, was chosen to be one of 30 worldwide jewellers to become an Argyle Pink Diamonds¬†Select Atelier in 2011. Showcasing his designs in his Leederville studio and at a second showroom at Perth’s State Buildings, Rohan and his team of jewellers are passionate about creating bespoke pieces of jewellery that are inspired by traditional methods of jewellery design and creation.¬†

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