Modern Al Fresco Area

Modern Al Fresco Area | Source: Yoga Nest Venice

The Best Modern Alfresco Design Trends of 2021

As some homeowners pause their holiday plans, many are looking to turn their alfresco areas into all-weather escapes. Is it time to optimise your outdoor space? A modern alfresco design will create a place to spend quality time with your friends and family. This year’s outdoor living trends are about bringing your inside home comforts, outside. Indoor conveniences such as smart technology, modern appliances and multipurpose alfresco furniture allow us to be more comfortable outside for longer. Whether you’re looking at building an alfresco or simply want some alfresco ideas, here are some outdoor living trends that we are seeing everywhere in 2021.

Outdoor Kitchens

There’s a lovely naturalistic feeling to taking your food outside. Cooking is becoming a more popular activity to do outside the home so it’s no surprise there’s a rise in outdoor kitchens. An alfresco kitchen can come in many forms. A satellite kitchen is an extension of your kitchen inside with additional cooking elements, like BBQs and pizza ovens. An independent outdoor kitchen is designed to function with its own cooking elements complete with a prep area, sink, storage, and refrigeration. Depending on your style and needs, adding an outdoor kitchen will upgrade your alfresco area.

Multipurpose Alfresco Furniture

No outdoor kitchen would be complete without the right alfresco furniture. With the rise of outdoor kitchens comes the rise in complementary furniture that creates the perfect setting for any activity. The trend? Multipurpose outdoor furniture that can be utilised throughout the year. With most people spending more time at home in 2020/2021, alfresco furniture needs to be increasingly versatile; adaptable to both everyday living and any social occasion. Convertible furniture items like modular tables, movable screens and multifunction chairs are all gaining popularity as we look to create an outdoor space suitable for all activities; whether it’s working, exercising, entertaining or relaxing.

Outdoor Technology

If you want to spend more time in your outdoor area, you want it to be comfortable and enjoyable. This is where the latest outdoor technology comes in. As everyday life increasingly includes your alfresco area, it’s now more important to ensure integrated technology between interior and exterior. Streaming movies, working from home and listening to music are now common alfresco activities. That means a surge in tech gadgets such as wireless outdoor speakers, portable televisions and functional lighting. Wi-Fi boosters are on the list as well as appliances that can be controlled by smartphones. A functional yet lounge-worthy outdoor space will only be achieved with the inclusion of the best outdoor technology.

Biophilic Design

With the importance of a healthy lifestyle being highlighted recently, homes that are more connected to nature are trending. We are all looking to boost our sense of wellbeing and that starts at home. The term ‘biophilic design,’ connectivity between the natural environment and the home, seems to be the rage in 2021. Its impact on alfresco design is vast. Outdoor plants are making a comeback in a big way and along with an increase in natural materials and botanical style designs, alfresco’s are turning into breathable open plan living spaces. There’s also an uptick in home gardens. Homegrown edibles such as fruits, vegetables, and herbs are sprouting up in homes everywhere providing a supplement to your pantry and mood-lifting benefits.

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